10 Best Dressed from the Oscars 2022 | Bazaar UK

This year marked the return of the first full-scale Oscars since the start of the pandemic, meaning we had a full red-carpet of fashion to enjoy. And the stars pulled out all the stops when it came to giving us a much-needed dose of glamour.


lola brini:

lily james won this year
she looks so ethereal in that dress
angelic and effortless classic


Lupita always pulls it off . The Oscars was always about the gowns for me.

Brenell Hornsby:

The stunningly vibrant texture and color of Lupita’s gown does not overwhelm her exceptionally beautiful coloring! Indeed, she energized the intensity of her gown.


Yes Lupita was stunning and so fabulous to look at even while Will Smith sat next to her screaming at Chris Rock

Claudia Maher:

Zoe reminded me of classic Audrey Hepburn, and Lily’s dress was out of this world dreamy. Lupita amazing as always. Agree totally on the top 10!

Gaby Gaby:

Jada looked like she was wearing a duvet; loved loved loved Zendaya classy and youthful, not easy to pull off. Lily James was gorgeous and Olivia dress was a masterpiece

Aneta Urbášková:

All these dresses were a treat and yes, Zendaya is an icon, BUT: Lupita absolutely killed it! What a vision 🥺
Also, huge shoutout to the design and seamwork that went into Olivia’s gown – to make the PLEATS, of all, to fit this perfectly, now that is something…

Prixie Jyn Vallenas:

My favorite dressed at the Oscars 2022 are Lily James, Zendaya and Olivia Coleman 😉

Camilla Mattioli:

Lily’s dress (and the shoooooooooes) is arguably beautiful but it kind of reminded me of a very expensive and uncomfortable nightgown.
On the other hand… zendaya’s simply stunning, I love her dress. Not boring at all, but classy non the less.

Tracie Scott:

Lupita, Zoe, Zendaya, Lily and Maggie! Jada was stunning in her gown as well…the earrings made her eye color stand out. I just wanted a different heel.😍

Caitlin Frawley:

For me my winner was not on this list and that was Jessica Chastain. The lavender and rose gold floral dress. Obsessed.