10 Things Brent Faiyaz Can’t Live Without | GQ

There are a few things Brent Faiyaz can’t live without. From a pack of playing cards and a trench coat to his journal and a pair of Nike Cortez, these are Brent’s ten essentials.


Brent Faiyaz:

The producer asked me who I’d like to collaborate with “dead or alive”
Rest in Peace, Whitney 🕊

Brent Faiyaz:

Update: I later realized Autumn was a girl I met @ the club the night before. Unfortunately, I never went swimming.


This is the most authentic list of essentials that are realistic and definitely reflect what he actually uses on a day to day! Wish the other one’s were as genuine as his list.


If he doing interviews this means the album is dropping soon. Lets goooo

Khalilah D.:

Brent just seems like such a chill guy. His energy and personality is everything 💜 plus argon oil is my top essential too lol

Liy Marie:

I love how he shouted his people out as far as what music he listens to. that’s real!💘

Female Doggy:

He was smart for talking about the latex allergies. Women probably now think Brent woke to women so he slid that in there for a quick W ☠️

Abigail Cookey-Gam:

This is why I love Brent. He’s don’t follow trends and shi. He’s literally in his own world❤️‍🔥

Amy Le:

RIP Robin Williams 🕊 Brent shouting out his style is everything. Class act!


He’s actually perfect in person though, he’s quiet, tall, he smells amazing, and his gaze omgggg, he is smooth and his hugs are warm


I can’t wait for the next album🥰🥰 there’s just something so different about him that you don’t get with other artists these days and that’s why he’s my favourite 🤩

Afia Mensah:

He gets a thumbs up for me for the Bacart and the Burberry. A man of good taste, we love to see it!