A Powerful Performance Of ‘The Prayer’ by Nicolina & Christian Guardino – American Idol 2022

It’s Hollywood Week Duets, and this powerhouse performance of ‘The Prayer’ will leave you speechless.



That is definitely deserved. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a duet so polished on Idol like this was. Incredible job with such a huge song!

Manuel Violeta Aban:

I’M SHOCKED that none of them was chosen by the platinum tickets. Literally I thought they’ll be fighting over this two. They are incredible.

Serina Nolan:

I never got BODY CHILLS BUT THIS TIME ITS FROM MY HEAD TO MY TOES .. CHRISTAIN AND NICOLA are beyond insane.. TOP 5. MY final answer … Christain thank you for auditioning

Nicholas The Reactor:

Christian and nicolina sounded incredible together, It is an incredible duet.


I don’t believe in the negative comments for Christian Guardino. Did you guys not hear his voice correctly!? He was amazing!! His voice reminds me of R&B from the 80 to 90s. Great times and great music during that time period.

Charlotte T:

Both are amazing singers and put together they were an incredible pair!! Their voices synchronized so well! That was one of the best pairs I’ve seen on American idol.

Ashley Murillo:

Loved these 2 separately… BUT TOGETHER?!!? Omg this was incredible!!! so glad both of you guys are moving on to the next round! Well deserved 👏🏼👏🏼

Corey Wilson:

I love how he ended the song with the runs it gave it flavor and a different vibe like a RnB vibe. What made it even better is that he ended right back in the same note he started in blending with her all in one breath in the same note.

J. Teri Fast Cars & Mods:

Vocal Insanity!!! This is the duet I’ve been hoping for and by far going to be a top 5 duet of all AI time!! Yes there will be some amazing duets and plenty of capable vocals but this will be the one to top. These two are the Porsche 911 of the sports car word in vocal quality and capabilities along with total humility and passion. A dynamic that will drive them to stardom

Ibee Tellingya:

Truly mesmerizing. Such different styles, but, by God, they transcended the challenge into an astonishing performance for idol history. They sang the lyrics at a beautiful pace that allowed them to give love to every note. At times, they sang so powerfully with extended notes, it was exquisitely operatic…The look on Luke’s face midway! I’ve never seen him so flushed with joy and watery-eyed by the blissful beauty of a performance…Nicolina seemed to be holding back a bit to accommodate and not overshadow him, which is itself a sign of greatness, but he’s a contender…I also noticed that when the judges shot out of their chairs and applauded, KPerry looked astonished, speechless, blown away. When she sat back down, she was holding back tears. Lionel seemed shook inside, but kept it together…So far, they both seem easy Top 10 easy.

Elodie Kitoko:

They should sing Beauty and the Beast together that would be magnificient ❤❤❤ beautiful voices and souls I can feel it from here.. (France


Love his confidence, he’s such a cool kid now. Totally different from the quiet shut kid he was on AGT a few years ago. They sound great together and individually. Great job guys!

Just Biatch:

I do feel Christian is an amazing singer and the duet was great. I felt Nicolina was more in tune and Christian was making a few too many “Showing what I can do runs” was too much for me just in this duet performance. I’m glad they both got through! I can see them both in the top 10 and wining AI. M heart is with my girl Nicolina❤️Canada represent!!!