Adele’s “Love In The Dark” A Piano Version By Emyrson During Hollywood Week – American Idol 2022

The competition is getting REAL for Emyrson Flora, who’s only used to singing into her phone in her bedroom. Looks like those self-taught piano skills are paying off big time!


Eddy Batista:

If she just tighten ups a little on her vibrato she will be unstopable. She has a tone like Birdy, that evokes so much emotion. I feel like she will do well, but only time will tell.


Emyrson is on another level, lovely tone, emotional, all up in the lyric. This is so moving, those wails were heartbreaking – So You Wanna Be A Singer

Behan the Scene:

She’s an even younger Julia Michaels. Great tone. I think there’s a lot of shakiness in some notes and some belting that is hard on the ears. But overall there’s a lot of potential.

Kirstin Champer:

I personally like the imperfections of her vibrato, it adds a lot of character to her voice. I appreciate the rawness of it, partly because she has such a beautiful delicate tone and it’s a nice balance… it makes whatever she sings believable.

Josh Andallo:

She’s got such a lovely voice, but I agree with the sentiments of most commenters here: her vibrato just needs to be worked on, as it’s a bit of a wild lion needing some taming. She’s got potential to create records we will all ugly cry to; I can’t wait to see what she has to offer!

Persy Sweet:

Emyrson has a lovely phrasing and tone. She is brave for taking on Adele and she handled that really beautifully. She is improving a lot and showing that she’s ready for this. I felt the emotions coming out of her mouth. I also loved how lost she was in the performance because she was really into it and her vibrato is gorgeous as hell and so clear. I’m predicting that she will make the top 24 or even top 14 if she continues to improve. I am excited for her duet!

prncss 4g:

What work for me was to tape myself a record myself and listen to it back then I heard myself the way other people heard me and I knew immediately what I had to do a little different usually these are just fine-tuning things that make a lot of difference in how the overall sounds good luck great job

Josh Holmes:

She started off strong, but somewhere along the way she lost control over the song. Really felt like she was reaching too hard on those high notes. If she dialed it back just a bit so it was more full and in control it would have done her more justice.

Mich Pool:

Down in the comments i’m seeing people say she needs to work on her vibrato and then there’s some people saying her vibrato is wonderful. This just proves to show that not everything is the same for everyone. Only votes will tell down the lane but I personally loved her performance❤️

Robert Villarreal:

Man. Everyone this year is so good. Anyone could take this. There is people during Hollywood week that you can say could probably win the whole show, but you also see people that did really good but you know they they still have alot of room to grow and could possibly surprise everyone of the singer they can become. OH WOW!! I’m ready for this season