Alicia Keys & Brandi Carlile Perform ‘A Beautiful Noise’

Guest host Brandi Carlile welcomed her friend Alicia Keys to perform an acoustic version of their Grammy-nominated duet, “A Beautiful Noise.”


Lila E:

Alicia Keys in a true example of divine femininity. She is not living only from her ego – but her spirit. As well as Brandi Carlile, she is the coolest person and brilliant. I love them together. This song is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard. This kind of message is so needed right now. Thank you.

Mary Hocks:

This duet today on the Ellen show between Brandi Carlile and Alicia Keys is jaw-dropingly awesome. I want to sing this good with this much passion. So say we all!


They’re both such beautiful people. Beautiful souls.
I love how Alicia props Brandi up so much at the end. She’s a true friend and clearly supports other women. Yes!

Jason R Wolf:

Brandi Carlille is so underrated in the music industry. Two superb artist performing together. Lastly, only Brandi can make yellow look so great and fashionable. Thank you ladies for sharing this moment with the nation.

Jessica McCoy:

This was such a fantastic episode. I love all of these humans! Brandi and Alicia with this stripped down acoustic version of “A Beautiful Noise” BRAVO! Love it. Song of the year as far as I’m concerned, and I hope the Grammy voters agree.

vagabonda sandy:

Such a beautiful song with two of my favourite voices on the planet. You both make me proud to be a woman with a voice. <3

Coastal Seasider:

Absolutely beautiful!! 💞Wow! These two talents complement each other perfectly. So stunning. Goosebumps & tears.

Dee Houston:

I saw a reel of this, and I had to look it up.. So worth it, this was so beautiful ❤ Thank you ladies for such beautiful noise for my ears to hear ❤

Etisa Wright Wright:

The acoustic version really hits differently but I just love this song in general Love you alicia and brandi! More power to you queens!