Amy Schumer, Wanda Sykes and Regina Hall ROAST Stars at 2022 Oscars

Amy Schumer, Wanda Sykes and Regina Hall hosted the 94th annual Academy Awards, which aired Sunday on ABC. The comedians brought all the laughs with jokes aimed at Leonardo DiCaprio, LeBron James and more.


R H:

I can’t help but feel so bad for Chris Rock… he was seriously just doing his job. Sm it h and Jayda should’ve just took that hurt quietly and moved on.

Captain Hook:

The “it’s cheaper than hiring one man” joke was pretty much the same joke Ricky Gervais did at the golden globes about Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Amy Schumer’s still ‘borrowing’ from other comedians I see!


Nothing Regina Hall said was funny, she was basically verbally harassing those men she brought on stage and even started groping two of them. Imagine if the roles were reversed. Very strange how harassing men is normalized.

Mhaw Reginio:

Winning an Oscar gets you that seal of approval. It cements your credibility, opening doors of opportunities. Not on Will’s case though..

afonso varatojo:

If a man did what Regina did at the oscars he would have been arrested. I enjoyed what she did, because I appreaciate a good joke and humour, but I hate double standards. Hollywood and the oscars are the pinacle of that unfortunately.

Make it-Take it:

I’m just gonna say it. Will Smith messed up that night for everyone. Everybody else took the jokes on them in stride. But for some reason he forgot that he was in the entertainment business. Which is the foundation of all his money and fame. In the words of Chris Rock: Wow!


Those 3 made more tasteless and disrespectful “jokes” than Chris and nobody said anything. I mean Regina Hall literally put her hand on Josh Brolin’s crotch. How is that ok?

Jimmy Jamm:

In the words of the late great Gilda Radner – Those three were so funny I forgot to laugh.

gisann ramharack:

Man this Oscars was not as we expected….the stage was crazy n I sure hope that Chris’ slap dont last him until August….!!!

robert jackson:

I noticed that Mary Mount was in the public there at the Awards and she told me that Chris was just getting ‘his rocks off’. She also mentioned that there were a number of stars who ended up “dropping a few brown logs” whatever that means.