Ava Maybee Sings Stevie Wonder’s “Lately” – American Idol 2022

Hard to tell what Katy Perry was more impressed by — Ava Maybee’s strong alto vocals, or her ability to flawlessly pair florals with leopard!


Maegan Foret:

I cant wait to see what she does in Hollywood because this audition didn’t wow me but her original stuff on her YouTube channel is such a good vibe!


Well done, Ava Maybee. Not every singer touches my soul like you do. I’m glad you auditioned. Here’s to the next round 🥂


What a solid vocal and beautiful tone! Definitely not my favorite rendition of this song though. A little too slow and pitchy in some spots, but she’s a solid addition to the comp.

Persy Sweet:

She kinda looks like Demi Lovato in the first Camp Rock movie. Her vocals are so polished and gorgeous. She did an amazing job with the song and did it justice. Great job. She’s gonna go really far in the competition.

mike smith:

She has a unique voice and sound. Lots of potential given the family is involved in the business already. Daughter of a famous rock band always helps. But, she can do it on her talent. Just needs to find a songwriter and band mates. Not easy but possible.


She’s got the look, she has her own tone, which is nice but the judges will make her do songs that just won’t work and she’ll be out before she knows it.

Alner Sitompul:

If you wonder why this week videos are too short, it’s because even Katyrah Love, Sage, Ava Maybee, and Scarlet in the top 24, their audition videos are not supposed to be aired. The producer doesn’t want people to notice them even they all four are the best. Same case with Alana Sherman on the previous season, Raquel Trinidad, Bumbly, and Kate Barnette in season 17

m bielk:

The judges made her an automatic shoo-in just because she’s a famous musician’s daughter. She’s going to Hollywood and will find out just how stiff the competition really is. The song didn’t do her justice.

Amanda Youngs:

I’m afraid this didn’t impress me at all really. I mean, she can certainly hold a tune but I’m not hearing anything beyond a fear that she might be “a one-trick pony”. I wish her well, though – i’d love to hear her own stuff and see if that impresses me more.

Jam Slam:

She’s very pretty but her voice isn’t Hollywood worthy. I don’t know how I feel about these off-springs of celebrities going on these shows like Jim Carrey’s daughter, Gene Simmon’s daughter, etc. and how much their parent’s fame contributed to them going through. Probably lots.