Best Dressed from the 2022 Oscars after-parties | Bazaar UK

Oscars weekend draws the biggest names and the brightest stars to Los Angeles, all in celebration of the annual awards ceremony. While the Academy Awards itself boasts one of the most significant red carpets of the year, there are also plenty of pre-and post-awards parties – many of them hosted by designers and brands – that feature their own notable fashion moments.


will evans:

Anya Taylor Joy gets the assignment every single time. Always looks amazing


i loved Zoe Kravitz , Hailee Stienfield and Kate Huson
So sleek, effortless , timless and classy but still making a statement


Kristen IS better dressed at the after party than at the ceremony, i LOVE that black dress

H A:

I didn’t like Kims dress it just seems like Balenciaga keeps putting her in the same type of clothing, just in different colours. Definitely not one of the best dressed.

Whut Dafeq:

Can’t keep my eyes off Jessica Chastain, she’s GLOWING. The Best dressed by far. That color and fit and style PERFECTLY matched her complexion.


Sophie’s is so cute and elegant at the same time. People should wear whatever they want but that dress was so right for her pregnant look. ❤

Jane J Dough:

The entrances into the award show was more uplifting and artistic than the awards show itself. Enjoyed the gowns and turned off the show. Thanks for sharing the fashions.

alvin medina:

Dakota Johnson ! Zoey !Kate B Tessa , ann Taylor . so many stunning looks . wonderful night for fashion ! Kristen at ceremony toke risk , I loved it

Anamika Singh:

Daisy Edgar Jones, Suki Waterhouse especially her bag, Dakota Johnson and Kate Hudson in no order. but i love their dressing style and how overall they look. 💖

Cobra Commander:

Lots of amazing fashion at the Oscars. I would give it to Zendays, but U can’t forgive that hem. Had she put on a cotton Oxford by Ralph Lauren (or even the Gap, a la Sharon Stone) then THAT would’ve been iconic. Lupita in Prada was my favorite of all on a night of MANY red carpet winners.