Bridgerton’s Charithra Chandran’s Guide to a Foolproof Night-Out Look | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

Season-two star Charithra Chandran of Netflix’s hit show Bridgerton reveals her foolproof night-out look, and the beauty wisdom she received on-set.



it’s absolutely insane and heartwarming to finally see someone who looks like me on a Vogue beauty secrets video. THIS IS WHY REPRESENTATION MATTERS!!!!!


I love that we’re seeing darker skinned south asian representation on such a huge show like Bridgerton. We don’t even see darker skin tones in Bollywood so seeing Charithra and Simone as the leads made me really happy. Charithra is stunning! Representation is so important and I’m glad that we’re seeing it more even with kids shows nowadays too.

Coffee Tea:

The way she goes all out on eyeliner, YES 🤣🙌🏽😍. We brown girls can go without everything else but you’d have to pry our eyeliner out of our cold dead hands before we’d give that up


i need to see charithra chandran in everything! her acting in bridgerton was amazing. and her beauty always steals every scene. she gives main character energy


In this season of Bridgerton, I must say Edwina’s character shined through until the end. She’s strong, wise, elegant, and more! I couldn’t help but love the actress Miss Charithra Chandran’s acting skills. And talking about her beauty? She’s very GORGEOUS.

Melissa Govender:

She’s gorgeous naturally but her personality and simplicity makes her more attractive. Love seeing someone with skin tone on here 🙌🏽

Ev F:

She is beautiful. Absolutely loved her performance in Bridgerton. The scene where she is upset and talking to Kate, dressed in her wedding gown, was an incredible bit of acting. Hope to see her in much more in the future!

Niyati Brijesh:

I love the fact that despite the Bollywood being so particular on having light skinned actors, people like Charithra are able to connect with a larger diversity of people and shine like they deserve to

Naan the Wiser:

Blows my mind how I’m finally seeing someone who looks like me on one of these videos! She’s so articulate and stunning, has so many interesting thoughts to share as well. Also love how she went all out with her eye-liner, could relate to that on so many levels!


She is just as gorgeous without make-up! !! Loved her feline eyes…The over-all makeup was just so elegant that it enhanced her beautiful features rather than overdoing it with too many things.