Cadence Baker & Tristen Gressett Hope They Did Enough During Hollywood Week – American Idol 2022

It’s tough out there for Hollywood Week hopefuls with EVERYTHING on the line. Cadence got some long-distance support from her dad, and Tristen soaked up every ounce of advice from the best of the best, 2011 Idol finalist Haley Reinhart!



C’mon Cadence, You are one of the best singers in the whole contest. Lets get real and get rid of the nerves. Most of the other singers should be nervous. You’ve got the looks, personality, and singing ability.

Jackie Young:

You can tell Tristen’s got just enough crazy in him to never back down away from chasing his wild dreams. He’ll make a career for himself in the entertainment industry whether or not he does well in this competition. Kudos to him! 👏🏼


Tristen Gressett excites and def entertains me. His energy just jumps off the stage. This was sedate and thrilling at the same time. What an imp! – So You Wanna Be A Singer


Tristen feels so underrated. He’s a true entertainer with a great voice, I hope he makes it far!

Tyler Kelley:

I want some more of Tristen! For a personality that big to listen to the critique and slow it down he is gonna be fun to watch grow

Karson H:

I’m ready to watch a full show of Tristen. Such an authentic raw voice and solid entertainer

Persy Sweet:

I loved the song choice for Cadence and I love her control and vibrato. She is a star and made the song her own and told a story. She’s gonna go really far. I think she’s going to be the Casey of the season where she makes top 5/4 and gets eliminated in that spot but could still make the finale. I don’t know about Tristen as he’s not really my cup of tea honestly so I’m not really a fan of him but he’s got a lot of fans and I respect that people like his style. He’s not everyone’s cup of tea.


I just love this girl’s name, Cadence. Her singing lacked some control however.
I love Tristen’s vibrato a lot and it gave the song a soulful vibe I liked.

Sam Ward:

Love that Tristan is so comfortable being himself. I always have my standouts., the ones I just can’t wait to see/hear again- Tristan is 100% one of those contestants/artists 🤯

Jimi Joe:

Tristen when you tone it down…. You are captivating….. you touch our souls …. When you entertain us it’s cheesy….. don’t entertain us… just sing……. We just want to hear you sing…. We love your voice…… it’s beautiful……

Who Knows:

Honestly I think Tristen really stood out, I’m surprised Cadence went through. My whole family all thought she was going home.