Caitlyn Jenner And Lady Gaga’s Awkward Interaction At Oscars Party

Lady Gaga and Caitlyn Jenner sent Twitter in a frenzy after a viral video captured their awkward exchange at Elton John’s Oscars viewing party. Roz Weston and Morgan Hoffman react on ET Canada Live.


Jay Dee:

I think it was more about Caitlyn trying to give people the impression that she’s in Lady Gaga’s circle. Like they’re besties and run into each other all the time. And Lady Gaga was like, “wtf are you talking about? We don’t hang out”.

glitchly pickle:

Just because she is a nice person, she is also human… maybe she was annoyed, yet she still manages to be polite


This was my thoughts exactly. Caitlyn probably felt safe with gaga being a trans person since lady gaga had been a supporter of LGBTQ, it’s weird that the interaction was awkward but she did seem busy at the same time to


The way she said “I switched baristas” it’s like when Mariah Carey said “I don’t know her”😂🤣

bonnie Doughty:

I think that Jenner is trying to get some air time by trying to link with GAGA in a very lame way. I think she was answering the question but did not engage in the link that Jenner was trying to make to get some of the attention .


i think she just didnt want people to kno what starbucks she frequents to be honest. getting a cup of coffee is a lot if your a celeb must be hard to go out in public and get hassled all the time just bc ur well known

Charli Haynes:

From what I know or have gathered I should say is that Lady Gaga is not a mean person she’s a kind person and I feel that she was uncomfortable that Caitlyn Jenner was mentioning about the Malibu Starbucks.
And maybe Lady Gaga doesn’t want people to know which Starbucks she goes to. So maybe she did switch to another place. But she’s Rich enough to have a fancy cappuccino maker at her own house.
When I go to the Malibu Starbucks. If I see Caitlyn Jenner I will tell her that Lady Gaga’s prefers to drink her cappuccinos in private.

Coffee Addict:

They simply don’t know each other that well and it’s no different than running into an older acquaintance who you share no compatibility with. It was a sad and short forced conversation.