Channing Tatum on Wanting to Look Like Brad Pitt & ‘Magic Mike 3’

Channing Tatum sat down with Ellen to talk about getting back in shape to film the third installment of “Magic Mike,” selling lemonade with his 9-year-old daughter, and wanting to look like his “The Lost City” co-star Brad Pitt when he starred in “Legends of the Fall.”


Andi Emery:

He is just such a genuine soul. Always loved him. Love seeing him get back into things. 🤍✨

Patty Gavin:

Such a good man! Seeing him in many interviews and hasn’t changed what so ever! I only wonder is he as down to earth as appears…. What else to ask? Handsome, talented and down to earth!👌🏼🥰
Wished him the best and a good partner.

Kande Cole:

Went to see The Lost City and loved it! The entire audience was laughing so loud. So much fun to watch!

Moi D. Author:

I guess this is proof that everything happens for a reason. He started out as a stripper, got into acting and this film is very successful for him. He is a fabulous dancer though so it’s not all just looks

Angela Thrasher:

God spent so much extra time on Channing Tatum! He is just a gorgeous human and also seems to have a great personality and funny too! What a 10! (I just got the good personality in this lifetime)

Jana Gilbert:

I saw his Norway episode of Bear Grylls on Netflix and Channing was SO funny. The whole episode began with him awkwardly making a sheep noise 😂

Jana Whitens:

I saw The Lost City last night and I highly recommend it. It was hilarious and such fun. It entertains you from beginning to end.

Mickey Mouse:

I hope Channing Tatum gets to make his Gambit movie he seems so passionate about the character and everything I’ve heard of the movies script sounds really cool and unique a Rated R mutant Goodfellas movie set in the Deadpool side of the Fox X-Men movies universe is so interesting I hope it happens someday man

A A:

I am forever grateful for your sacrifice Channing!😁😆 But for real. He is just a fun, humble, sweet man AND talented! That’s where all his sexy radiates from!


I can bet every single woman in that audience had aquaplaning the entire episode 🤣