Christian Guardino Makes “My Future” By Billie Eilish A Soulful Experience – American Idol 2022

Christian suffers from a rare retinal condition and has always relied on music to lift him out of dark places. His Hollywood Week debut is no exception!



Oh man, this guy gave me so many goosebumps. His jazzy runs were super INSANE. He was definitely in his element.

Mitchell Ingram:

Man the shivers that rolled through me while listening were down right scary, well done 👍

J.A. Whittler:

This guy has SOUL..
He’s got a God given talent of singing. He can go really far, if he chooses the right songs 🎵
I certainly wish him the BEST!!


I’ve been a serious fan of his since AGT- he is the only singer on this show that gives me legitimate chills. He is unreal!


Wow – his voice is amazing! You definitely hear the R&B influence – tone, inflection, play on runs. That’s style and he has range. Get him into a studio already! Will definitely be looking forward to his performances! Top 10 people. 😍👍🏾❤👏🏾

Heidi Perkins:

He is SO good – I hope he goes all the way. I watched him an AGT when he was a kid – good even then.

Carlos Estrella:

Christian, you not only make Long Island proud, you make every Islander, no matter where they are, proud to be one! That was a singing MASTERCLASS and no matter WHAT happens, you’ve proven your incredible talent!!!

DiAnna W:

Awww.. his story and talent.. has my heart wide——- open!!!!! I am rooting for Christian!!!! He’s wonderful!!! 🤩


Absolutely LOVE this guy! He’s incredible. He’s the only singer this season who gives me goose bumps! I get teary eyed listening to him. I hope he goes far in this competition!