“Dancing On My Own” From Mommies-To-Be Haley Slaton & Sam Moss – American Idol 2022

Judge Katy Perry is getting emotional right along with pregnant duet partners Haley and Sam! These strong mamas are NEVER giving up on their dreams!


Karen Fettinger:

I loved Haley’s tone. She should have gone through to the next round.

Brittanie D.:

They’re both great!! They missed out on Haley! She’s special! Her tone is so smooth.

Mark Benn:

Katy Perry’s moment when she was talking about her baby was the most real thing ever on this largely manufactured show. YOU ARE ENOUGH❤

Miss Url:

Haley’s vocal surpassed Sam. Haley stood out on that collaboration and should have continued. The judges don’t always have it right and this is one example.

Ana Lazary:

I love both but Haley’s tone is unique… I hope she comes back after the baby. Please don’t give up! You are very talented. ♥️✨♥️✨♥️


Their voices complement one another so well. Sam so tuned into the emotion, Haley more sedate. Enjoyed it.

Peter Newturkey:

Haley CARRIED this song. They’re both good but I am very disappointed in the judges for not putting Haley through.