Danielle Finn Takes On A Cover of “Easy On Me” During Hollywood Week – American Idol 2022

Just 17 and taking on Adele?! Danielle Finn’s got nerves of steel, and her grandfather’s eyes will be shining extra bright after he sees this performance!


Persy Sweet:

She has a few pitch problems but she has a gorgeous tone and her phrasing is really gorgeous as well. She’s improving so much. She could make the top 24.

Shelley Proutt:

This young lady is going somewhere!!’ The range and sound of her voice is soothing and beautiful. Quite frankly so is she and she’s still so young . I love how she loves her Poppy ! Grandfather !

Lucy Clarke:

She gave me chills with those runs at the endddd. Girl she’s 2 years younger than me can you acc not. I sing andddd I now know who I’m going to be inspired by. I LOVE her tone

Olivia Byrd:

I was wondering/hoping someone would cover this song!! I was not let down. Some mightn’t call it a flawless performance, but she crushed it big time in a way that left me breathless at some parts. There are various contestants that have impeccable technique and pitch but it doesn’t make me feel anything. This moved me. For me, that’s what really counts.


Finally, someone chose a good song.. that was good.. she stands out right now cause many of the others are picking terrible songs to do for this moment. That was beautiful Danielle!

M.K. Finn:

Powerful! Right in her register. A real performance captures a moment and freezes it in time. 🤩🔮⭐️

Ibee Tellingya:

Keep in mind that with more training and time her fantastic range will expand even higher & lower! She’ll polish her polished techniques even more, and learn how to project her powerful voice even more powerfully. Born to perform.


Wow she’s amazing. Any Adele song is a hard song cuz Adele is such a powerhouse. Not everybody can pull this off but she definitely did. She’s my next favorite after Nicolina. Rooting for them to win

The Aries Experiment:

This was great but,…her first audition was brilliant. I think the PA and microphone are a new experience for alot of these contestants. It’s like being in the studio for the first time and having to play with a click. Some will have zero issues. Others it will destroy. It’s a funny thing,…environment and how we process it and attempt to adapt while performing.