Denzel Washington, Bradley Cooper Comfort Will Smith After Oscars Slap

Will Smith had Denzel Washington to thank for giving him words of wisdom following his win for Best Actor at the 2022 Oscars and his jaw-dropping moment onstage where he slapped comedian Chris Rock across the face after he made a joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith. Will shared what Denzel said to him in his acceptance speech, saying: “He said, ‘At your highest moment, be careful. That’s when the devil comes for you.'” Tyler Perry and Bradley Cooper also consoled Will in the slap aftermath.


About Time:

The support for Smith in the auditorium was almost as bad as the assault itself. It showed once again how an entire group can react to a misdeed and try to explain it as something good.

ManilaMan Channel:

“Denzel said to me a few minutes ago”, adding Washington said: “‘In your highest moments, be careful, that’s when the devil comes for you’. And then the devil rolled her eyes on him.


“Here’s a tip you should never forget: If your woman is mad at you, leave her at home. Cause a mad woman will do anything” – Chris Rock

James barbato:

Only in Hollywood can you witnessed a crime and then a few minutes later get a standing ovation.
Now you know why Harvey was able to do what he did for years

G F:

What I most hate about Will Smith is that he kept laughing and gave no clue that he was going to assault Chris. Didn’t give Chris a chance to react or step away from the situation. It felt like a betrayal. Something Will Smith knows all about! Freaking coward!


Maybe they should have comforted Chris Rock, who acted more like a man than anyone in that room. Diplomatic, graceful, head held high and proud and one of the strongest displays of strength and patience on tv I’ve ever seen. Notice how Will walked up to him head down leaning in to hide his intentions. Chris never imagined he’d do something so childish and didn’t brace for it because it was a sucker punch. Your family should be ashamed Will, you should be ashamed and your children should be embarrassed along with Jada. Its one thing defending a woman of class, another thing to destroy your career for a woman who laughed while you cried and embarrassed you globally with her infidelity. She turned you into a meme and now you destroyed your reputation and career for her. I will always say Jada is the real mastermind here. Go Chris.


Wow, I question my respect for Denzel now. Running to the rescue of the attacker?? Not his attacked colleague? Garbage. Did Will slap August like that? Hmmmm

Tyard OvdaBULLDH!T:

Damn Chris Rock was slapped the sh!t out of. Yet, Denzel and Tyler Perry console him. DID ANYONE CONSOLE CHRIS? DID ANYONE CHECK ON CHRIS? Wow the abuser gets all of the care and concern!

Shane Ashby:

The fact that Will Smith didn’t get immediately kick out the venue. And to then not have his Oscar taken away from him. Just goes to show how morally and ethically bankrupt our society has become.