Doja Cat Addresses QUITTING Music at GRAMMYs (Exclusive)

Doja Cat addresses her recent comments about quitting music on the red carpet at the 64th annual GRAMMY Awards, airing Sunday at Sunday at 8 p.m. ET/ 5 p.m. PT on CBS. The singer also opens up about her dream collaborations, her Versace gown, upcoming tour with The Weeknd and her hit single, ‘Best Friend,’ with Saweetie.



i HIGHLY doubt she’ll completely quit music but i can see a long and deserved break coming. And once she’s back she gonna be breaking more records <3

Taco Supreme:

You can tell shes tired and over it. Shes exhausted from being overworked. Im going to be a little sad when she takes her break because that means no more music for a while. But shes deserves a break from working so hard. Shes human just like the rest of us.

Leah Shannon:

She needs a break, everyone needs a break. People just expect celebrities to never stop.

C N:

She looks tire, her speech is tired, her eyes cant stay wide open… give this girl a freaken break! We support you and stand by you Doja!


I hope she does take a well-deserved break after performing so much. And if she quits the MAINSTREAM side of music, that’s even better!! If you look at her older music they were all made in her bedroom and were fun tunes she loved making. Being in the limelight isn’t for everyone, and she has that introverted personality that she doesn’t like to be out much, but enjoys being online and doing her own thing in the comfort of her home.
I would really love her and Doechii to make a song before she quits the mainstream of music. My ideal collabs for her are Bree Runway, Doechii, Aminé, FKA Twigs, Drake, and Kendrick.

Sam Caldas:

She’s clearly overwhelmed and overworked, but she’s doing what she was made to do. Great music. I really want her to take a well deserved break and get better ao she can actually enjoy what she likes. God, I love her so much. ♥️

Chino Lokkz:

U can tell she’s tired, she’s over it and classy answering her questions. Btw she still brought up Nicki Minaj 🙏


I feel two interviewers at once, is a little overwhelming. They respected her & moved on from the retiring question, but that stems from her rant of feeling overworked with a lot non music related things like photoshoots, etc.


I love how the interviewer quickly changes the direction of the conversation after seeing doja uncomfortable and nearly close to leave after the question of retiring


The stress of fame has really gotten to her, who wouldn’t be like that at the height of so much fame, her break should’ve happened while ago ❤️

Leidys Guerra:

She sounds so depressed, I remember being depressed and just talking like this because you got to show up for things but you give the bare minimum and try to feel excited for the things you were excited before but you can’t anymore. People will say she sounds composed and mature, but that’s just you losing your spark. She used to be so alive and I think the backlash really got to her.


You can see that she’s overworked, she’s an amazing artist and one of the most versatile there is in the industry right now but I genuinely think she was probably happier just making beats and songs in her bedroom and chillin before the whole world wanted a piece of her. She seems so down to earth and chill, I think she’s one of these people who loves the music and the fans but absolutely hates the fame and the pressure

John Forge:

Here’s my opinion if she wants to quit music that’s alright the pressures of Fame can be very very demanding plus she hates working with Dr Luke. She signed to his label and you know he has a bad reputation cos allegedly did some very disturbing things to Kesha.

Mary Oz:

Honestly she deserves a break and if this is how far she needed to go to do it then so be it. I honestly wish it wasn’t true but it’s what she’s been needing so I’m hoping it’ll be temporary but if not I’ll still appreciate the music she has already made. THANK YOU DOJA 🤧💞