DOJA CAT & SZA Win Best Pop Duo Performance For “KISS ME MORE” | 2022 GRAMMYs Acceptance Speech

Watch DOJA CAT & SZA’s acceptance speech for Best Pop Duo Performance for “KISS ME MORE” at the 2022 GRAMMYs.



I teared up when she started crying! So proud of her!

Cosmic Wishes:

It doesn’t surprise me that this song was able to win. Kiss Me More was a great collaboration and congratulations to both Doja Cat and SZA.

Harkirat Singh:

Can we appreciate lady Gaga for her kindness. She is such a humble human being . And congrats to doja and sza . Well deserved.

Joe Martin Panis:

The moment I’ve heard that Kiss Me More was nominated in Grammys for best pop duo performance, I knew they will win this category! Congrats to the 1st time Grammy winners Doja and SZA!

Jzon Azari:

Doja deserves it because the way she’s reinvented the way music is done today with Planet Her is phenomenal and SZA we are ready for that new music. Congrats ladies!!

Emo Gf:

When I saw this on Twitter I cried 🤧😭 I’m so happy for Doja and SZA they’re both so amazing and seeing Avril give them the Grammy made 13 year old me so happy and Lady Gaga is so kind for helping SZA 😭🤧🥺

Savanna Chesley:

Definitely almost cried for her. As much as she shown herself in her emotional times to everyone whether it was on Insta live or whatever. Ive been following her for YEARS and shes never broke down an cried. This definitely meant everything to her. Im so proud of you Doja, ❤


she really went from doing song on instagram, posting them on soundcloud to people trying to ruin her career countless of times to having one of the most successful albums of the year to winning a well deserved grammy. i’m so proud of her. I really don’t regret being her fan and defending her many many times 😭

Jarred Unknow:

I’m happy DOJA humbly acknowledged SZA as well for winning during the acceptance speech. This really made me Tear Up because I know DoJA felt unappreciated for a long time not winning awards despite her undeniable Talent.
Congrats to both girls! 🏆🏆

Nicholas Morales:

I so didn’t think Doja was gonna win, but I screamed when avril said her name! The competition was stacked this year! Doja and SZA deserved this win!