Euphoria’s Storm Reid’s Glowing Skin & Winged Eyeliner Guide | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

Watch and find out how Euphoria’s Storm Reid gets glowing skin and perfects her signature winged liner.


cactus juice:

she’s such a talented actress, hope she gets more than just crying and sad scenes in euphoria :))


I love Storm’s personality! She’s sooo down to earth. I’m so excited to see how far she goes ❤️
Side note: she’s not lying about that Supergoop Glowscreen! It’s the truth 👌🏽✨


I love that young women are open to having acne prone skin. Because I know I have the worst skin for makeup! It’s okay not to be perfect or maintain an image thinking that we’re not! I appreciate the beauty trends and skin care nowadays <3

mukta singh:

People keep saying she needs more screen time but i think what she represents as a character is really deep and very realistic as a suffering sibling of a drug addict

she should genuinely have a youtube channel like seriously all the tips i could get for a beautiful glowing skin😍😍

Anna Games:

I feel like she doesn’t get enough credit, For her acting skills and beauty in general!! She’s gorgeous and such an amazing actor and deserves more recognition.


honestly I love her some much. she’s an amazing actress who is stunning beautiful!!can’t wait to see her new scenes in euphoria 😍😍❤️


Her voice is so relaxing and she is so talented! I hope she gets more fulfilling and successful opportunities in the future ❤

The Caped Watermelon:

I remember watching her in a Wrinkle in Time and falling immediately in love with her. She’s so talented and is growing into such a fabulous young woman and I am ALL HERE FOR IT!

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im honestly so protective of gia bc of all the sh** she’s been through and how strong she’s had to be at such a young age and i can’t help but love storm too. she’s so talented and such a radiant soul.