Famous Celebrities Who Died Today 1st April 2022

Famous Celebrities Who Died Today 1st April 2022- We talk about Famous Hollywood actor , Famous actresses ,NFL , Baseball Player , Grammy award winner American Singers died recently


Melinda Samons:

R I P to everyone on this list. They will be missed

Alan Crisp:

😇🥲 So sad all of them.But sure their spirit is in a beautiful place now, where they can rest in peace….

Eric Borgen:

Jeff Carson was a great country singer I have a tape with not on your love it is really awesome I always wondered why I didn’t see a lot more from Jeff Carson

tax the rich:

you may be a king or a street sweeper doesn’t matter everybody dances with the grim reaper ✝️

Deane Carter:

Title says “Famous Celebities Who Died Today 1st April 2022.” None of these individuals died on April 1, 2022.

Chaser Malloy:

“peritonitis disease ” lmao stop saying so much. You’ll look much less silly

J Allan:

Grammar and punctuation exist for good reason … try using them!

Vegas Joe:

Great job thank you. May they all rest in peace