Famous Celebrities Who Died Today 30th March 2022

Famous Celebrities Who Died Today 30th March 2022 – We talk about Famous Hollywood actor , Famous actresses ,NFL , Baseball Player , Grammy award winner American Singers died recently


John Duffy III:

Oh my god, Dagny Carlsson was 109 years old when she died this month, I thought she died in the 1980’s decade, I was wrong, this is a sad story!!

Jane Clarkson:

All passings are awful. We’re so bad at dealing with bereavement! It’s terrible when journalists get caught up in crossfire etc, keeping us all informed. It comes with the territory I expect but still sad! R.I.P. all who’ve passed away! 🙏

Marina Zagrai:

What the heck was the journalist doing in an area of shelling? I know what her job was but journalist (that we know so far) would’ve risked their life like this. Dagny, decided, on a whim, to take up a computer course at 91! Brava!

Brian Eisenga:

Can you imagine 109 years. How much the world changed. Half that age and it has changed lots in my short life. lol

Marilyn Humphrey:

Why don’t you put an obituary on your channel about Shane Warne, he was famous cricket legend in Australia. He passed away last month from a massive heart attack in Bali but was flown back to Australia. Over here he was a legend and will be missed by millions of people of all ages 😢 💔 😔 😪 😕 ❤

Jennifer Wood:

R.I.P all of you.
Some people i know off and some i do not.
It is beautiful that they are all remembered.

Cynthia Jones:

Listen have you heard this… I am the way, truth & life no one comes to the father (God) except through me.John 14:6 Please believe that Jesus died for your sin & rose again. Then confess your sins to God today! Heaven awaits, please think about it, dont be left behind, you can still be saved even after the rapture. Love Y’all

Rose Garten:

What does Hollywood have to do with Italian whatever? Never even heard of these people. I wish it was something MORE RELEVANT to AMERICAN CULTURE.

Terry Gabrich:

Oksana Baulina did not die because of Russian shelling in the Ukraine. The Russians are avoiding civilian areas. This is a known fact. She is probably still alive or she died of Ukraine shelling of eastern Ukraine. It is a known fact that Western Ukraine is shelling western Ukraine because western Ukrain is more Russian that eastern Ukraine, and they consider themselves Russian.