Former Miss America Betty Maxwell Helps Kelsie Dolin Find Her STRENGTH! – American Idol 2022

Betty Maxwell is no stranger to keeping a cool head under pressure — and the way she takes Kelsie Dolin under her wing is nothing short of HEARTWARMING!



Betty pretty much encompasses exactly what I think a Miss America should be. She took Kelsie under her wing with patience, kindness, and grace, and helped her to shine alongside her. Beautiful performance from both!

Tranzformationz Hair Gallery:

Kelsie doesn’t even know how great she really is….she has amaxzing breathing control…an awesome tone…learned how to harmonize in a day…all the while kicking social anxiety in the ass 🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾💜💜💜


Best one by far, Betty literally deserves an award for what she did. What an amazing person she is.

Appalachian Queen:

Kudos to Betty for her gift of patience and support for Kelsie.

Nani& Ruth:

I can’t image what she would sound like once she gets some confidence in herself. And Betty is super patient and understanding.

Jim Celia:

I really hope that whatever happens, we remember Betty as a contestant for her grace, patience and skill in mentoring Kelsie to step out of her shell and give us more of her talent. And what a perfect song choice to fit the moment!
I really wish the best for both of these women, on the show and whatever comes after.


The love and support for Kelsie, from judges and contestants alike, is what really makes this one of the most moving segments of tonight’s show. Riveting tv! They both sounded good and I couldn’t help but root for them to succeed. – So You Wanna Be A Singer


That was great. Betty’s high note was impressive, this song is really tough.
Kelsie also did amazing, letting Betty shine, but also supporting her through it all. Her voice is really silky and she was perfect from the beginning. Some of Betty’s harmonies were a bit pitchy, but she took the tougher parts so that’s just bound to happen. Overall, they were great together. I love how they all were supportive of Kelsie as well. That’s great TV imo!

George Aris:

Betty Maxwell, OMG! This is one of the reasons why you are a former Miss American. You were paired up with a person who was shy, scared, and had no confidence in herself and with your patience, you took your heart and your soul to help Kelsie Dolin find the strength in herself that she didn’t think she had and you both shined. This performance in my option was the best one of the night. What you did for her is what America and the rest of the world needs today and everyday. KUDOS to you, the judges,and, the other contestants. WHAT A GREAT SHOW <3

Rob Sweeney:

Betty, I hope you’re seeing this. You’re already a star. But you’re now creating constellations. Your support of Kelsie was beautiful. Kelsie, we’re so happy for you. This is your opportunity and we’re cheering you on. We love your voice. You deserve this break in life. Grab it!

Heather Smith:

Betty has a heart of gold and how she helped Kelsie to break out of her shell and to feel more confident. Plus how she’s got the love and support from the judges and contestants is what makes this one the best moving segment! They were both amazing

Floyd Saunders:

Can I click the like button a dozen times? Ok, American Idol put these two together for dramatic and emotional effect. And it worked! Betty Maxwell you are now officially a hero in addition to being a Miss America. Kelsie found it somewhere inside and delivered. I am beginning wonder if all of the lack of confidence thing is not all that real. Because they both delivered.