GRAMMYs 2022: Justin Bieber Performs Stripped Down Version of Peaches

Justin Bieber, Daniel Caesar and Giveon make for one powerful trio! During the 64th annual GRAMMY Awards, the singers gave a show-stopping performance of their multi-nominated hit song, ‘Peaches.’ Ahead of the ceremony, Giveon opened up to ET about performing the track with Justin and Daniel for the first time, his unique vocal abilities and how he’s come a long way since his restaurant days. The GRAMMYs aired Sunday on CBS.



Daniel was so nervous but he killed it! So proud of him and this is just the beginning for him. Definitely an iconic night

Nicholas garrick:

Not fan of Justin beiber but, I definitely love his peaches performance he definitely kill its.


Peaches should have definitely won! JB is beyond a voice his piano skills and his words speaks volume. I’ve been listening to JB since 2010 and still get chills! He will forever be iconic 🖤

John Radan:

Daniel Caesar tooooo underrated right now, all the attention is in Giveon and Justin but Daniel himself sang real damn good that it definitely needs attention!!!


I hate the way “The Grammys” treat Justin Bieber. I feel like they view him as a pretty boy with lots of music streams and screaming girl fans- but that he doesn’t produce quality music. He does. The dude plays instruments. He has a ridiculously good voice. He has a way of merging Pop with RnB that we don’t see other pop artists do. There’s no way he has only won 2 Grammys and in categories he doesn’t even sing in. I wish they would appreciate his work more.

Kim Erich:

I’ve been dying to see the whole performance as I couldn’t watch the live thing.. (I live in the Netherlands), but I can’t find it anywhere! Does anyone know where to watch it?


grammys begged justin to show up, nominated him for 8 categories, just for him to leave empty handed. what a way to use his name for views.

Erin Gray:

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