GRAMMYs 2022: Must-See Moments!

Here’s everything you missed from the 64th Annual GRAMMY Awards, which aired Sunday on CBS.


Meow Meow:

Bruno got unbelievable stage presence and now he got a same wavelength partner . Silk Sonic ❤️

Kathleen Weinberg:

Silk Sonic did a great performance on the Grammy awards even though they had a little situation nobody noticed

Republic of Texas:

Valerie Bertinelli, the most down to earth, relatable star, in that entire award show.

Mamie Padilla:

Congratulationson it on your four Grammy yeah so amazing he put the good music 🎶🎶🎼 I am so proud of you guys I wish you the best in your music you are so talent and amazing

pamela garrison:

Omg Burno Mars I knew after seeing them last year that big things were going to happen Bruno is highly underrated loaded with sexy and talent!!

Mantasha Ansari:

Butter performance was the best one like no one can perform out there that much good while singing ..I bet 😎


BTS really deserve Grammy their performance was amazing even though Jin was injured he still performed…

Pamela Roberts:

Omg 😲 was one of the best grammys ever wonderful job Trevor and the entertainment was amazing 👏

Kieren Moore:

Just after that excerpt, Kanye interrupted Zelenkyy’s satellite address with: “Hold on, hold on; I’m gonna let you finish … but Kanye West had the most niche, limited, overpriced digital music-player of the year … Where’s his Grammy?!?!”


Long gone are the power vocals of the likes of Whitney, Carey, and the other women with powerful voices . Thank goodness for Gaga at least. Nasal voices don’t do it for me. That’s not singing. Where’s that devastating scar on Underwoods face she whined about for a full year? Wolfgang Van Halen should’ve won.