GRAMMYs: Billie Eilish STUNS in Happier Than Ever Performance

Billie Eilish and FINNEAS perform ‘Happier Than Ever’ at the 64th Annual GRAMMY Awards. The 20-year-old singer pays tribute to Taylor Hawkins by wearing a t-shirt bearing the face of the late Foo Fighters drummer. After nabbing an Oscar last weekend, Billie celebrates seven nominations at the ceremony. The 64th Annual GRAMMY Awards aired on CBS.


Kalyani Suneetha:

I’m happy for everyone who won last night, but Billie deserves the album of the year just as much as John Baptiste. Happier Than Ever was amazing!

LifeSavor ASMR:

That song was so far beyond any of the others in its complexity and progression. And they actually wrote it themselves

why my glow up keep passin’ me:

other proof that the Grammys are actually scammys, miss gurl deserved it, but yeah i guess a award made of plastic and metal doesn’t determine how good u are LOVE U BILLIE


Its okay that she didnt win a grammy this year because she freaking won an oscar. 7 grammys and an oscar at the age of 20. She’s awsome.

m Chatman:

Thank you Billie for memorializing T. Hawkins like that and yet you kept your composure and rocked it with Finneas perfectly for that Grammys.

Aa’ishah Isaacs:

Both Billie and finneas deserved Grammy’s for this album. They won a damn Oscar and the Grammy’s didn’t give them their due….shame on the Grammy’s

Andrea Bates:

I’m actually surprised she didn’t win at least one BUT as amazing as she and her brother are, there are so many other amazing artists that don’t get nearly as much recognition as they do. She won 5 her first time around and two the next year.

leah flanagan:

Love the way she was the only one who showed love for Taylor Hawkins, I think she was singing for him that night. The way she looked up to the sky at the end😭

Doris Gonzalez:

What that hell is going on with the GRAMMYS?? SHE deserve for album ,and performance ,and more Was not fear