GRAMMYs: Lady Gaga TEARS UP During Performance

Watch Lady Gaga tear up while performing at the 64th Annual GRAMMY Awards. In a pre-taped video, Tony Bennett makes a surprise appearance to introduce his frequent collaborator. Gaga delivers emotional performances of ‘Love for Sale’ and ‘Do I Love You.’ The 64th Annual GRAMMY Awards aired Sunday, April 3, on CBS.


Leo Bewley:

I like to think that Gaga kind of took the place of Amy Winehouse in this regard. Amy and Tony were like lightning. What I’d give to hear Gaga and Amy duet

Ruth Cunfer:

So good to see that music of all kinds spans soooo many years and generations, God Bless them both.

Kellie Gilliam:

I love that she has done this with Tony Bennett, through her she has allowed his music to live on. She is such an awesome human being. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Vanessa Bridge:

My sister met her at a meet and greet in 2012 at one of her shows. She tried to tell her how much she loved her and lady gaga basically snubbed her and just stood there looking bored apparently. She wasn’t being rushed either. I never liked her after that, shes full of herself now

Angie Gucci:

I had never been a fan of hers. Honestly I listen to country thought what a wacko wearing a meat dress and just wild performances. Far forward to 2015 Oscar’s. Thought omg I hope she doesn’t butcher the tribute to The Sound of Music…she came out and I was shocked to say the least! Beautiful dress she looked “decent” . Then she opened her mouth😱 my jaw dropped I think I was in shock I couldn’t stop watching her. Then the water works started. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing from this person. She’s not the same person I rolled my eyes at when I hear her name. I was blown away. From that day forward…I was a fan!! I never knew she had such a beautiful voice and her work with Tony Bennett and how she treated Liza with such compassion and everything since that Oscar performance I can’t get enough of her. I watch a star is born at least once a month 😂. I regret making assumptions of her before actually getting to see who she really is! Beautiful soul!!

Dianna430 M:

Lady Gaga should be deemed as the official guiding light for the legends! I love how humble, respectful and caring she is. 💕💕

Kaletha Ollison:

What an honor, a most coveted privilege!! I’m so happy for both of them and a beautiful send off!!!

Laura Claire:

I love her stuff when it’s like this and her raw stuff like Shallow I’ll never love again and Million reasons. But yes it was my brother who showed me Lady Gaga’s music with Tony Bennett. I found it to be magical. I’m heartbroken he has Alzheimer’s. I know first hand what his family must be going through. I watched my grandfather gradually die from it. Honestly it’s the worst way to go.