GRAMMYs: Questlove and Trevor Noah JOKE About Will Smith Slap

Questlove and Trevor Noah crack jokes about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the 64th Annual GRAMMY Awards. One week after the infamous altercation at the Academy Awards, both address the elephant in the room with a sense of humor. Questlove accepted an Oscar trophy immediately following the incident. The 64th Annual GRAMMY Awards aired on CBS.


Etienne Holmes:

He writes on Twitter, “Can we finally stop talking about it”‚Ķ. only after he had the opportunity to crack a joke about it.

ikhlas sabah:

poor Chris, I feel bad for him and his children that they have to watch that slap over and over again on every channel, just because a poor excuse of a man wants to prove to his wife that he is a REAL man.


Guys, everyone is gonna make jokes about this for YEARS. Just accept it now

Do Cam:

“Stop talking about it?” That incident gave every comedian on the planet content for years. They’ll all need to have their say now. Comedians for Chris Rock!

Timmy Ggz tv:

Chris Rock one of the greatest of all time this guy a legend for real

Yin Li:

QuestLove and Trevor Noah are both Smith’s friend. Will Smith is so well connected in Hollywood that no wonder he feels like he can get away with it.

Lisa Lopia:

Remember when Trevor Noah forgot he started as a stand up comedian, became all fake Hollywood and hugged Will Smith at the Oscars after party after he assaulted Chris Rock and then didn’t address how wrong it is for a Hollywood narcissist to assault a comedian for joke. Hollywood really brings out the worst in people

Karen Hardie:

Should of been the greatest achievement of Smith’s acting career and he threw it away because he couldn’t control his temper. Anyone else assaults someone and they get hauled off in cuffs. The guy coming out in the helmet was funny. I enjoyed the show. No one hit anybody, bravo!

Lanor Willams:

No not going to stop talking about it untill Will gets what he deserves.I loved will and what he has accomplished.BUT what about Cris Rock .He has to be emotionally traumatized.Thats not going anywhere no time soon he is almost a 60 year old man getting slapped hard in the face his children and family and the world just saw him get his soul his integrity his peace pulled from him Chris Rock I’m so sorry for what happened to you

Sugar Magnolia:

No we can’t stop talking about it. Everyone is reminded of an incident in their own lives where someone behaved like a criminal and received no consequence.