“Have You Ever Seen The Rain” by Tristen Gressett & Cameron Whitcomb Is ENERGY! – American Idol 2022

Hallelujah! Dynamic duo Tristen Gressett and Cameron Whitcomb are giving judge Lionel Richie LIFE! Have you ever seen two sparkplugs onstage like this??


Claire Gittens:

The rendition was as unique as they are. Because of course.


Tristen matured his voice real quick. He can go far. Lol they couldn’t hold back, they had to go crazy

Angela Wybourne:

They are cute together, complement each other, made me smile. Same crazy energy lol They actually felt tuned into each other & sang like a duet, not just 2 singers competing. I loved this! Like yeah, they are nuts…but in a GOOD way.

Jim Celia:

Tristen is one to watch. He’s figuring out the right mix of approachability and his unique style. Just the balance I was hoping for in the audition.

Sheryl Hypes:

If you could just harness their energy we could light up the world! Their harmony sounded awesome! I sure hope they jo through.


The special timbre of both their voices, ‘specially Cameron, my Canadian brother, as blending with Tristan in that A B A’ arrangement — was fun and entertaining. They got it!


This was AH-MAZE-ING!!! Way to go, Tristen!! You both were so very very good, it was enjoyable, which is way beyond just good. I don’t even have to wonder if you got through.


Tristen’s voice is Phenomenal. I love his tone. Love the energy from both. The arrangement was a bit unusual, but it grew on me fast.


Tristen has vocal talent but is perpetually riding on the edge of being a cheesy lounge act (that’s probably his mom’s handiwork). Cameron’s tone is special and his vocal performance made me take notice. Cameron might be a sleeper to go far in this thing.

Lo Mo:

They should REALLY consider being band members together. Creative, they balance so well, and I feel like they “get” one another. The way they bring the best out of one another is breathtaking!!! LOVED THIS! 🔥

Rebecca Moore:

I don’t there is anything Tristen can’t sing. I love his voice so much!! Cameron surprised me with his tone around this song. I didn’t really recall his audition. This was phenomenal!!