How Chris Rock Is Handling Attention After Oscars Slap (Source)

A source tells ET that it’s been an ’emotional’ week for Chris Rock after Will Smith slapped him onstage at the 2022 Oscars. The source adds that he’s ‘beefed up’ his security and is being hounded by paparazzi.


The Wander Boy Jitin Raj:

The way Chris has conducted himself, sheer “Class Act”.. He didn’t retaliate, didn’t press charges, didn’t talk about it..!! Huge Respect.!!


I love seeing the support for Chris. He is the victim of an attack that should not have happened. A lot of the talk and memes are at his expense. He is human and that kind of negative attention can ruin him mentally, physically and emotionally. He was so professional and handled that situation so well, I’m stunned at how people think Will was justified in assaulting him! That joke didn’t equate to Wills violent reaction. I wish Chris all the best and all the love.

Meme M:

That smug look on Will’s face after he slapped Chris is too painful to watch, specially that Chris was bullied and physically assaulted when he was a kid. The way Will acted after the slap, how he apologized to everyone except Chris during his speech and the fact he went out partying after the ceremony made me lose all respect I had for Will. This situation says a lot about his character.

Koko Alaska:

When ET stated Chris getting two standing ovations and getting misty eyed that touched me. He deserves all the love and support right now . His professionalism with this whole thing is astounding 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Bloody Milkshake:

I heard on a podcast that Chris said he was still processing everything and that he’s still in shock. He also said that when he was younger, his mom moved him to an all white school where he was always picked on and one day he got fed up, put a brick in his backpack and beat the kid who was bullying him so badly he was scared he almost killed him. He said the reason he did not do anything when Will struck him was because “I am scared of my anger”. And I completely identify with that and I just think Chris Rock totally won this round by being a mature, composed individual that thinks before he acts and is self aware. All Will Smith did was perpetuate the incredibly wrong stigma that black men are out of control, ghetto and violent.

Vee Moda:

I feel a huge amount of admiration and respect toward Chris Rock and for the way he has handled this entire situation that unfolded on Sunday. I cannot imagine what he must’ve felt on Sunday night. He too is human, and he has shown such grace, and that cannot be easy considering what happened.
Will Smith is so damn lucky that he is not facing charges against him. What he did on Sunday night was despicable, and the way he has behaved throughout this scenario is purely disgusting. I have lost any admiration or respect I may have felt in the past, and no he did not make a mistake. Will committed an act of violent assault, and that type of behaviour bears serious consequences!!!


No-one, NO-ONE deserves to be so publicly humiliated like that Chris was. A comedians job is to entertain and provide some light hearted entertainment at the expense of the guests, its known role and a tough one! Nothing justifies being violently assaulted in one of the most public settings in the world, and without consequence? I’ve lost all respect for Will and feel terrible for Chris Rock. Handled the whole situation like an absolute champion. He deserves all the sold out shows he gets. Not to mention I think people are forgetting this man is almost 60 years old and could have suffered some serious damage…..

Nan S:

Chris was cool and classy. He handled himself very well. And those people think Will was justified, really needs to explain how was that level of violence, in such a public way justified? It wasn’t a bad, demeaning or mean joke. She even came out saying that it doesn’t bother her when people talk about her head. He crown as she put it. Fyi GI Jane was a bad ass woman. Not too shabby to be compared to her.

Mary Dallas:

Chris Rock is a gifted comedian. Always has been, always will be. He will rise above that despicable incident and become stronger. The best way to piss off an enemy, is to be successful. We love you, Chris! Props to you for your composure and grace. ♥️💜👏👏


The more I keep seeing that incident at the Oscars, the more I keep getting really upset of what happened. Will should have been kicked out immediately. Looking back how he was allowed to receive the award, received a standing ovation, and hear his speech apologizing to the academy and nominees but not to the man he slapped is sickening. It was pure disgusting 🤢 🤮. This is how Hollyweird now looks like. It’s not any better. It’s just another kind of yucky that surrounds this establishment.