Huntergirl & Cole Ritter Duet “Dreams” By Fleetwood Mac – American Idol 2022

Platinum Ticket winner Huntergirl knew Cole Wesley Ritter was the right duet partner for her! Will her intuition pay off and send them through to SHOWSTOPPERS?



Impressed by Hunter girl that she took the edge off her country voice and blended her voice with her partner. Props

Bee Gee:

They are both good but he was nervous.
She has a very classic voice. I would love to hear her cover a Jewel song.


stunning the way they listened to each other and blended their vowels and the shape of each note together. Lovely musicking!

Persy Sweet:

They both sounded great together and sang beautifully. I really loved that Hunter Girl didn’t go for power because she proves that she’s not that type of artist. Lots of female classic country artists doesn’t go for power like Miranda Lambert and Hunter is doing the same thing. She’s all about focusing on emotions and connecting with the audience. I felt that from both of them. Glad they moved forward though I don’t remember Cole at all.

Ecom Tomcat:

For those who don’t know, Hunter won Songwriter of the Year award 2 years running! (Might have been thru ASCAP not sure tho.) And her EP One Day just dropped and it’s Great. I’m telling you she is a 10 top Artist.

Jacob McCain:

Hunter girl is absolutely amazing as we all know, but holy crap Cole Ritter! Where did he come from?! He may have the coolest tone to his voice I’ve heard this season! He’s amazing!

Music Gal:

Loved their duet! This song sounded good on his voice. Love the chord progression of this song😌stunningly beautiful 👏🏾💯


I absolutely love Huntergirl!! I look forward to watching her performances this season. Luke’s right — she’s top 10 for sure.