HYBE and Bang Si-hyuk Are Transforming the Music Business—With a Little Help From BTS

As BTS returns to live performance, the Korean supergroup reflects on the power of management company HYBE, which aims to become the world’s leading entertainment lifestyle platform.



in my opinion, yoongi’s emotional intelligence is in another level. it comes to my attention the way yoongi speaks. he’s that quiet person that’s actually not so quiet, as he has a lot to say, but the difference is that he knows how to say it. watching him speak is so enthralling, even when he’s mostly politically promoting the agency; he knows that we know what he’s going to say, so yoongi adds insight to his mind in the way of letting us know what he considers is a key point, and by extension, making it our key point. that is such an amazing skill to have as an artist, and specifically a songwriter: he makes us relate by relating himself.


I’m so beyond proud of what they have achieved as of today! Such an inspiration

jinnie eats:

they look so good here 😭 i’m so proud of where bts are now, supporting them always 💜

Kin Lii:

There would be no HYBE without BTS & Bang Si-Hyuk. They laid the foundation of what it is now. I will always be proud of them and what they’ve achieved.


I’m beyond proud of what they’ve become. Not just the boys and their group, but also the company who brought them altogether. Without Big Hit, there would be no BTS. Without BTS, there would be no Hybe. And most of all, without Bang Si Hyuk, there would be no Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, and Jeon Jungkook. So, he truly deserves this. The recognition and the respect. Congratulations to all of you, especially to Bang PD-nim who started it all!

Rosario López:

So proud of how much they’ve achieved. The road hasn’t been easy for them since the start. But they’ve resisted. They’ve fought. And now, they rise.


It required a visionary leader and great talented artists to acomplish what they have done. Many groups and artist went to hiatus due to the pandemic but BTS used the same time to came closer to the fans as no group has ever done in history. They helped many people all over the world to overcome fear and loneliness with music, talent and joy (me, among many others). We, the Armys, feel so close to them as if they were real friends because they share so much with us. I understand this is a business… but what a wonderful business you created Mr. Bang Si Hyuk!!! We thank you and love BTS.

Fanny Alexander:

Wow, this is crazy. Not even the Big 3 got here and that really blows my mind. From the bottom to the very top. These guys literally became the best of the best.

Tanu Ahuja:

So proud of them seriously they came long way proud to be Army Huge congratulations 🥳 it’s not easy their hard work paid off many more success to come 💜


Proud is an understatement of what we feel right now. Being part of the BTS and HYBE journey feels like a big achievement of my life and I am extremely happy of what our boys have achieved. We’re not done yet. Here’s to climbing the highest mountains together. 🥂💜


I think hybe Or big hit has put a lot of work Into their production team, songwriters and directors, rather than just making their artist showpieces. I mean not only bts, if you see txt’s Or enyphen music you will notice the melody and the songs are just so good… well put together and memorable… bts’s individualtiy and their capacity as producers, songwriters and performers is what makes them irresistible❤