Idol Runner-Up Lauren Alaina Helps Out Country Idols Ryleigh & Noah Thompson – American Idol 2022

Don’t we all wish we could feel like Carrie Underwood sometimes? Multi-platinum singer-songwriter Lauren Alaina certainly paid it forward with great advice for future stars Ryleigh Madison and Noah Thompson!


Billie McCoy:

I love Noah’s voice and his natural talent is off the chart, but nerves definitely got to him a little tonight. He just needs to realize that there’s no reason for him to doubt himself. I’m from his hometown and we’ve all been following his musical journey for forever. He’s loved music since he was a little kid, but never had the confidence to pursue it. I just hope he realizes that people love listening to him just as much as he loves singing/playing. He could win this!!


Both are amazing and I hope they go forward. Noah was a lil nervous at first but pulled through! I love his raw emotion and really want to hear more of his voice!


Rayleigh’s voice sounds timeless on that song. Love her sweet vibrato. Sooo good.
Noah was a slightly pitchy, but the storytelling and sincerity in his voice was real.


Noah is one of my favourites. Such a raw and beautiful talent. Ryleigh is great too, she chooses songs perfectly fitted for her voice. Look forward to seeing the rest of their journeys.

Persy Sweet:

Ryleigh has a lovely country sounding voice and I love the voice cracks and her tone is so clear and full of emotions. She can go far in the competition. And Noah is improving as well a lot. I love his tone and I just know he will make the top 5. I wouldn’t be shocked and he’s also unique too.

Katrina Philpotts:

I loveee Noah. He’s like country/alternative rock! Like him doing a cover of hoobastank, hinder, snow patrol…but then being better!! Lol

Rebecca Moore:

Ryleigh was incredible!! Way to go, Whiteville!!
Noah has a beautiful voice. A little pitchy, but I am so here for hearing anything he has to sing!!


Another Burning House 👍🏼 Noah’s voice is so nice and smooth! He definitely will need to get more into the songs and being on stage for sure though


Noah you got this have a little more confidence and you can go out for the nerves. I could tell you was nervous but other than that love your voice!!

Cat’s Incredulous:

I dig the support from Noah’s homie. Noah reminds me of how Lee Dewyze pulled people in. He’s going top 10. Definitely has what it takes to win it though.