Idol Winner David Cook Mentors Cole Hallman’s Hollywood Week Performance – American Idol 2022

Raise your hand if you also had David Cook songs on your iPod! Cole’s sister and biggest fan, Katie, will be so proud of him for stepping out with confidence during Hollywood Week!



I’m literally liking every Hollywood week video, and that’s never happened. I feel like I’m rooting for everyone. What an incredible heartfelt bunch so far. If this is the up and coming generation, I have some seriously lifted hopes. I wish them all the best and much success!


I like that they’re bringing back former Idol winners to mentor.
He looked a little unsure of himself when he finished singing. I think he has a fine voice, but was it really his or someone else’s. That is the question.

Amber Massie:

This young man deserves all the applause in the world. Such beautiful God given talent and a heart that’s soo amazingly big. Here’s to you & your sister (her auditioning w/ you is one of my most favorite auditions ever!).

Blue Girl:

I really like Cole but I hope the next song he picks really showcases what his voice can do. I can see him being the next Indie Folk star!

Paige Winsor:

Literally would buy his music right now. I LOVE his sound.


Been following him before all of this and I cannot believe he’s finally getting the attention he deserves. He’s going all the way 💯

Mara Donjuan:

Cole, I love the way you sing. Believe in yourself more, you got this!!! You’re one of my favorites . God bless you


Cole is great and I love the relationship he has with his sister. Love David Cook! Loved to see him be a mentor for the Rock genre. Oh wait, they only showed ONE single person in the Rock genre. Why is that? They showed 2 segments for Country, Indie and Soul. 3 segments for Pop but one individual for Rock. We didn’t even get to see any other people in that genre at all. I do not understand why AI is so against anything Rock. Extremely disappointing!


Cole needs to sing his cover of you can have the crown. He’s got a version on Spotify and it’s amazing