Inside Chris Rock’s First Comedy Show After Oscars Night Slap (Exclusive)

Chris Rock addresses his Oscars night altercation with Will Smith at his first stand-up show in Boston since the incident.



Everybody would’ve forgot that joke in 15 seconds but will Smith just made everyone remember it forever


I support Chris . A comedy legend and humble guy. Respect him immensely as a man for the way he held his composure while hosting such a prestigious event on live tv… the mental trauma of that moment is only imaginable . That whole event was distasteful on so many levels


I wish I could handle my life as Chris handled this situation. Class act & props for his professionalism! And he kept it moving and even was able to crack a joke about the situation right after 🙌🏾

and ?:

Chris Rock was the winner in this, he got what every comedian would pay almost anything for; another hour of material. He will make literally millions as a result of this, just watch his tour numbers next year.

M Dz:

Chris is such a class act! He’s living up to his name. The Smith family is repulsive. The apology was crap and being that Smith and Jada were having the time of their lives at the Vanity Fair party after this horror clearly shows how they really feel about what happen.


Let’s talk about this man’s work ethic though! Does the oscars and starts a comedy tour only a few days later, what a beast!

Nico Vinn:

Chris is the embodiment of a public figure and how he handled the ‘slapping incident’ like he had been through that countless of times.
A true gentleman..


Chris is a hero.
Imagine if Chris would had fought back.
Instead he was professional and kept the show going,
Thinking about everyone and putting himself at the end.

Gabriel Gallegos:

Not only did he not retaliate or hold a grudge but he managed to keep a cool head and go about his life as if nothing happened. And on top of that, him being the bigger man is paying off for his career while as Will straight up damaged his career for life. Good job on Chris ✨👏✨

linda e:

CHRIS ROCK is one of the best comedians around…period!! He’s also a stand up guy even before the Oscars. I’m glad people who know and love him are giving him their support. WE LOVE YOU CHRIS♥

Lindokuhle Shandu:

I have a feeling that this unfortunate incident is about to make Chris even more famous and admired than he’s ever been before. He’s literally about to blow up while Will continuously faces controversy and scandal. Chris’ reaction by unreaction has brought a lot of fascination and curiosity about the man behind the comedian.