It’s An Emotional Moment For Jay As He Makes The Top 24! – American Idol 2022

For the judges, Jay’s place in the Top 24 has been signed, sealed, delivered since his first audition. Watch the emotional journey he endured to make it to the top!



Jay tapping into the emotion in the lyric, showing some restraint, but crafting those notes and exciting with an intense melisma. That falsetto then tender ending. Great! – So You Wanna Be A Singer

Claire Gittens:

He asked, “Who do you think you are?” and with him singing like that, I legit do not remember. No idea who I even am. Blown away.

Chuks OCN:

Jay is in another league in this competition. The guy has a powerful vocal with tasteful vibrato. I love American idol

samsung user:

Stellar performance Jay! You’re wide ranged vocals definitely took us on a journey and I personally am thrilled by where you left us! Katie was ridiculously clever with her wording on this one! She had me fooled too Jay! Congratulations rising 🌟!


What a goosebumping performance. He raised my goosies to another level when he was hitting those high notes.


For those saying boring people don’t need to do too many extra runs he has a natural solid tone and is definitely top 10

J.R. Lobinsky:

Jay’s a talented singer, obviously he earned his platinum ticket and his spot in the Top 24! He’s that good!

jillian balcazar:

When Jay sing “Jar Of Heart” By Christina Perri During The Showstoppers performance of Hollywood week of American Idol Tonight Wow I thought He did such A great & Amazing Job. Because He sound like He was singing from The heart, His voice reminds me of John Legend & I’m glad He made through to The Top 24. Because He deserve It So, other words Congratulations To Him!!!