Katy Perry Has a WARDROBE MALFUNCTION On American Idol Hollywood Week!

American Idol on ABC | Season 5 | Hollywood Week 1


Marta Molnar:

What a woman, she took it and fixed it and went on with the show. Girl you got game, And I find that your classy. You owned it.

kuya sam:

Usually, Katy is full of surprises and has some tricks up her sleeves but this time it was down her pants! She is so very funny! Love her!

Mark Pacuan:

Katy’s Voice to me, now appears to be so Nostalgic, idk why. Maybe it’s because there’s a lot of artists now that kind of sound the same and i grew up from these women with their music on year 2000s. Including Taylor, Lady Gaga, Avril, Nicki and other artists from 2000s.

Natalie Marsden:

I totally love the way Katy Perry just takes everything in her stride! Just brilliant 😁

Aundra Bell Harra:

That was too cute loved how they handled the situation and then playing Lionel Richie’s “Stuck On You” song. Priceless!! Don’t you know Katy’s husband Orlando Bloom and good friend Luke Bryan are gonna have fun with this one!! She’ll never live it down. She’s so funny and handled it like a champ. 😂🤣😉😊🙃

Derek Mitchell:

Did anyone felt the chills when lionel sang stuck on u, he is one of the great legends still around, I still remember his music and the way how real love was 30 /40 yrs ago. ❤

rolla DOLCE:

love katy fun funny moment ! I’m sure put a big smiles to everyone face . Only on American idol ! awsome Katy is very professional what ever situation puting tape the show must go on I lovin it bravo .watching from Japan .


And then to top it off play Lionel Richie’s “Stuck on You” LOL

Aijeleth Lee:

i’m always so surprised at how unique katy perry’s voice sounds. also she be out here just not caring sometimes LOL booty cheeks hanging out and walking around asking for help not even trying to cover it.

Mister Ben Online:

that is how you handle a situation like that! just roll with the punches and have fun!