Kelsie Dolin Has Confidence And Strength In Her Voice With Lauren Alaina’s Help – American Idol 2022

Take it from Lauren Alaina: “This show was created for Kelsie. You are what American Idol is all about.” Plus, who DOESN’T love mashed potatoes, right?!


Tiwanda Brown:

So beautiful and innocent. When she said she would be the mashed potatoes, Hell mashed potatoes are my favorite. Kelsie nothing beats a failure but a try. Love your voice. Your grandmother would be so proud of you.


The way her voice shines through regardless of how she’s feeling is really extraordinary! I can’t wait to hear her when she gets a little more comfortable 🤩

Coryann Laliberte:

Amazing! She was scared out of her mind but it never affected her voice!

James Shelton:

OMG, she was wiping her tears at the corner so that no one could see her. My heart goes out to her. I want to give her a big hug. She is so humble and sweet. i can relate to her. Be strong Kelsie. You have OUR SUPPORT. YOU GO GIRL. your voice is so amazing, i will buy your records.

Sandra M:

She’s my favorite & I’m rooting for her all the way. I can’t wait to hear her voice blossom even more. An angel with an angelic voice!
Kelsie darling, you are a STAR!! 🌟

Kelsey Tijerina:

She is so amazing!!! Her voice is just scratching the surface! Once she figures out what she can do, not even the sky will be the limit


This young lady has an outstanding voice and the fact that she doesn’t even know it, makes me cheer for her all the more! Just pure God-given raw talent! I think her and the guy who was almost blind clearly stand above everyone already.

Kimmy Van Kooten:

A bundle of sweetness… All she needs to know is SHE CAN SING!!! Girl, hold that mic and make believe it’s your Granny’s hand!! She is SO proud of you!! 👍

Misty Barker:

Love her voice, hope she reads these comments & sees how amazing she is. I want to see this girl gain the confidence to really come out of her shell, I know it’s gotta be scary in front of a big crowd and being judged, but there are others out there that could definitely use her as a roll model to Conquer their fears & become that person you never thought you’d be.
Love & prayers form a family in Parkersburg West Virginia that became your big fans


Kelsie, I hope you read our comments. You are SO precious and beautiful your voice, your spirit, your heart. I hope one day — very soon — you can hear and see yourself as we do. Your singing is so pure, effortless and heartfelt. I wish I could hug you and cheer you on in person. I’m sure your grandpa will!!! Stay strong and keep being you. We love you.

Seth Monroe:

Wow! It’s unfathomable the level of anxiety she and others must feel when taking that stage. Just goes to show how pure her voice is, even through all the nerves and fear she got up there and didn’t miss a note, to think what she’s going to be able to do once she gets over the nerves…..Bravo Kelsie!