Kendall Jenner Gets Ready for the Oscars After-Party | Vogue

Clad in Balenciaga, Kendall Jenner was one of the night’s best-dressed. Watch as Kendall and Kim Kardashian set forth for the Vanity Fair Oscar party.



The part where she mentions how some people struggle before a public setting is sooooo accurate and I’m glad she said that. I literally just went to a baby shower and had the worst anxiety for some reason. It’s a real thing, and the fact that she goes through that makes her even the slightest bit relatable ❤️

Miranda Shannon:

When Kim Said “OMG I get the go with KENDALL JENNER?!” Really melted my heart how sweet she looks literally stunning and her big sister is so supportive.🥺

Adisa Jakupovic:

Kendall has kind of changed her style a little and I think it also has to do with the new hair colour! I currently love her outfits and street style especially since she got it and it looks absolutely stunning and fresh on her. the gown was a show stopper and she was definitely one of the best dressed, if not THE BEST at the Vanity Fair after party!

eddie 1707:

I love how she brings a sense of being human to this. So often we forget these are regular people going through regular situations

weird channel:

You’ve got to admit that she looked very stunning in that gown and her way of talking has improved so much lately 😸

Anne-Camille Requin:

I really appreciate the way she explains how people are struggling with anxiety before shows like that. She confirms again that they are human and that’s important ❤️


She’s changed so much! She talks a lot more and let’s us in. I’m digging this Kendall. Keep glowing and growing little flower.

Samantha Lau:

The dress doesn’t make her look gorgeous, SHE makes the dress look gorgeous 🙌❤️‍🔥