Kim Jong-un stars in film of missile launch on North Korean TV

North Korean state television has broadcast a Hollywood-style film that purports to show Kim Jong-un and military officials overseeing the launch of the Hwasong-17 intercontinental ballistic missile. The launch drew international condemnation.



When he takes off his shades and looks directly at the camera. Give him an Oscar now!!

Gonçalo Melo:

It gets the award for the most realistic prop ever: an actual missile being fired.


Stunning performance by Kim Jong-Un! The way he conveyed his emotions throughout the film was simply breathtaking. Spectacular cinematography, and an all-around worthy of a praise film for centuries to come! 10/10! If he wasn’t nominated for Best Actor next year, I’m suing the Academy.

Nicolás Gómez:

I am in complete and utter awe, crying on my knees in my bedroom, this is the most inspired and beautiful cinematic masterpiece I’ve ever seen, the unparalleled cinematography, the immaculate acting, the mind-blowing practical effects, I didn’t know a movie, no, a piece of art could be this trascendent and spectacular, THIS is what true cinema is, I’m never watching Lord of the Rings, Spirited Away or The Prince of Egypt again, this exceptional landmark of filmmaking surpasses all of those by a historical margin, anad of course the Academy had to snub this amazing film from this years Oscars, as everytime a truly revolutionary picture rumbles the Hollywood establishment, those californian vultures omit it from their pretentious, unpopular facade to award mediocre Oscar bait.

Aurimas Wander:

This is such a gold for so many memes for years to come…


Loved this. With all the horrors going on in the world these days, I really needed the laugh. Thank you North Korea.

Eric Holmquist:

The whole world is turning into a meme. Not even Southpark could make this up. Yesterday Putin adressed the nation and compared himself to Harry Potter author J.K Rowling, and now this. What an age we live in😆

horanghae hanniehae!:

amazing film! loved the cinematography & the acting by all of the cast!! Loved how the camera zooms out when the rocket is shown 👌🏻 exceptional acting by Kim himself! the way he conveys his emotions was truly otherworldly! loved it 10/10


He is better than 99% of the actors in Hollyweird…give him a movie contract!!


I love the bit where they are all looking at their watches…. its like they are waiting for Tea time.