Kim Kardashian Looks Like A Vienna Sausage (Celebrity Fashion Week Roast Fall 2022)

When fashion weeks come through the major European capital cities, celebrities flock to attend the fashion shows of the most famous brands. But just because they are attending the shows doesn’t mean for a second that they are dressed well. Julia Fox and Kim Kardashian squared off during Milan Fashion Week, while Tik Tokers and Youtubers like Charli D’Amelio & Emma Chamberlain also made more commercial marks on the fashion week circuit. Euphoria stars like Alexa Demie in Balenciaga, Maude Apatow in Saint Laurent, & Zendaya in Valentino also helped pump up the celebrity outings too. Rihanna continued to performer her masterclass in maternity dressing at Off-White, Dior, and Gucci and Blackpink stars Jennie Kim and Jisoo made their way to represent the K-Pop set as well.


Catherine Ginn:

It’s funny that you described Charlie D’Amelio’s outfit as appealing to a “cooler” customer, because to me it looks a lot like Winnie the Pooh. Don’t get me wrong, I love Winnie the Pooh, but I wouldn’t describe him as cool.

Naomi T Grant:

The Vanessa Hudgens commentary 😂 “It’s like she went into the Miu Miu outlet and said I’ll take all of it, everything….. blindfolded” 🥴😂😂😂😂

Fabianne Deacon:

Rihanna absolutely did it for me with her first outfit. Matching the eyeshadow with the coat was absolutely stunning, both her outfit and her make-up gave me Y2K vibes, like Luke pointed out. The other outfits she wore killed, too, though.


Isn’t Blake Lively’s look a very soft baby blue? Are my eyes going bad?! When Luke said it’s white I did a double take 😂


Addison Rae… dear, sweet Addison. When you’re shorter and curvy, you have to invest in a good tailor and understand proportions. I know this because I spent the first half of my 20s wearing similarly poorly selected and fitted items before my grandma, bless her, pulled me aside and said, “Baby, don’t be afraid of a seamstress.” And I never looked back.

Sevi Regis:

Seems most of those you featured were expressing a more European style of glam wear which tends to be more “quiet” and less flamboyant than the American or Middle Eastern celebrity-socialite scene. The top “brand-monogram” designers produce certain looks specifically for the US market knowing our “taste”. Agree with all your comments.


This might be an unpopular opinion, but I pass on having to look all of the sudden at what Julia Fox wears, because all major fashion outlets cover her. But the same goes really for Kim Kardashian. We really have other problems in the world I really hope we will move on from allowing someone to be famous for being famous very soon!

Auralia Delacroix:

You are incredibly knowledgable and therefore I don’t take anything you say as ‘mean spirited’ but more so, informed feedback. It is as if you are genuinely pushing designers/stylists to do better? I love it. 🙌🏻♥️


Kim’s stylist better be on good terms with Kanye because most of the outfits these days are a cry for help😂😭😭

Mariko True:

Rihanna had both of my favs (1) Gucci monogram (monogram done right) slip dress and (2) PR comment. However, Gottmik’s MiuMiu cropped embroidered/floral appliquéd jacket was absolutely wearable art