Mike Parker’s Version Of “Burning House” Is REALLY Good! – American Idol 2022

He’s doing it all for his mama! Country singer Mike Parker is ready to work his butt off during Hollywood Week!



Mike Parker is 1st up. Great song choice, reminds me of John Legend, lots of depth and easy breezy vocal production. Lotta soul too. He set the bar high. – So You Wanna Be A Singer

Anthony Parmer:

Nice voice young man! John Legend is definitely his vocal inspiration

Jacob McCain:

I love that one note from the judges after his audition was that he didn’t need to do runs, he had a great tone that would lead him. Then here, he hit us with some monster runs. Total chills. What a storyteller.

EZ Money:

This dude should’ve won a platinum ticket. Shoot, he’s better than all three of the platinum winners sitting in the box.

I’m just here:

I absolutely love his voice. It’s so beautiful. Such a handsome young man too and I truly wish nothing but healing towards his mom and her condition.


That note was pure perfection! He hit it at the right moment too! It’s so nice to see his growth and how he’s developed from The Voice to American Idol! I hope he wins it all!

Running free:

Mike sings like a pro. The talent we have seen so far is really incredible.

Life Soul Centered:

His voice just moves me. He’s sooo good! Two judges stood up for him. But wait, he’s in the Country category? I don’t see him singing Country. Definitely John Legend vibes. Prayers for his Mom to be in remission soon.

Stan M.:

What a great performance. Love the songchoice, the warmth of his voice, his range, the note at 1:49, his vibrato, his runs. It gives me John Legend vibes. I could see him ending in top 24.