Oscars 2022 Fashion Round-Up: Kravis, Rami Malek & More | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

From Zendaya’s chic crop top to Timothee Chalamet’s shirtless rockstar look and Kristen Stewart’s shorts suit, fashion was front-and-center at Oscars 2022!


Pink Llama:

I didn’t care for most of the women’s fashions this year but Niecey Nash’s and Wanda Sykes’ wives both knocked it out of the park with their white-on-white tuxedos. 😘😘

Jenellie Nostrabo:

Loved the guys who had colour or flash to their outfits. Such a chance to step outside the box 🙂 Not a standard tux hater but loving the new ideas and shapes.

K A:

Best Dressed Zendaya 0:08 Should have a up and down shot of her entire outfit. Such simply elegant glam! Very modern. Yet classic.

Jakob izAwesum:

Despite what happened I love seeing all my favorite actors!!!!! They look soo good all of them

Ti Na:

Chalamet is finally on Earth, no wonder he’s shirtless when he doesn’t need to save his body’s water under the Stillsuit..

Michelle Adamchak:

Why aren’t Benedict Cumberbatch and Kodi Smit-McPhee on this list?!! I love me some Billie Eilish, she looked beautiful!!


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robert jackson:

I noticed that Mary Mount was in the public there at the Awards and she told me that Chris was just getting ‘his rocks off’. She also mentioned that there were a number of stars who ended up “dropping a few brown logs” whatever that means.