OSCARS AFTER PARTY FASHION ROAST 2022 (why were these better than the actual red carpet?)

The 2022 Oscars Red Carpet was more or less a snooze fest, but the after-party looks delivered the drama and excitement we should have seen on the real red carpet! Vanity Fair & Jay-Z both threw after-parties that got the oscar winners & nominees out after the show as well as some celebrities that we dreamed to see but couldn’t! From Zendaya doing a superb tailored moment to Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner repping Balenciaga to Rihanna showing her baby bump in Valentino Haute Couture, there was so much to discuss!



I really loved Kelly’s dress also, Zendayas suit was so impeccably tailored, the way the waist was cinched & so smooth?? The sharpness of the shoulders?? Idk it tingled my frontal lobe. scintillating.

Simon T:

I’m sorry but Emily Ratajkowski’s look is giving me the world’s most expensive sexy traffic cone costume 💀


I looove Dakota Johnson’s dress. The structure on the shoulders and pleating to the waist contrasted with the softness and texture of the dense feathers blended just beautifully! I also love how it makes her look like an elegant fantasy bird woman.
Hunter Schafer’s dress was really interesting. Not my personal vibe but I really like how sculpted yet draped the denim looks and that bateau neckline was really pretty.
Shelia Atim’s dress is such a cool modern New Look style. That skirt!!! It’s a perfect bell that hits her proportions perfectly! I don’t usually love full paillette looks but this one is a stunner.

murdoq ruckus:

I was hoping you’d include your take on Julia Fox’s choking dress. that truly caught my attention and I thought it was cool.

Paul Stevens:

We’re going on almost 20 years now of celebrities not dressing like themselves and having “stylists” bleach the personality out of people.

Mariko True:

Zendaya’s suit was my favorite. It fit beautifully, looked unbelievable and I bet it was much more comfortable than a strap across the chest or a bustier or a train that people had to lift in order to walk successfully 😉. Her suit reminded me of an anime. Maybe Spike Spiegel (if he had a clean shirt and finished tie) from Cowboy Bebop or (any of club members of) Ouran High School Host Club (2006).

Jeffrey Gill:

ciara’s dress almosts creates a trompe-l’œil, where her skin looks like the highlights on the fabric and vice-versa. it’s really beautiful

Julie Parker:

Thank you for critiquing without horrible mean comments. Style is so personal, so for someone to put on an outfit they feel great in and have people tear into it, is so unnecessary in my opinion. I have my preferences like everyone else, but I think everyone looked stunning ❤️


I like that Rihanna is showing her belly so much and consistently, to me it reflects that she understood well that these things pass so quickly in life that you better take advantage. Zendayas look is so smart, I was already thinking her red carpet look was her expression of the event being a fancy business meeting, whereas the aftershow was more of a fancy business party.