Prince George and Princess Charlotte Joins Royals at Prince Philip’s Memorial

Prince George and Princess Charlotte accompany their parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton, to the late Prince Philip’s Service of Thanksgiving. This marks one of the first major official events that the children of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have attended. Many members of the royal family attended the memorial, which took place nearly a year after the death of the Duke of Edinburgh. The Service of Thanksgiving allows for a larger group of people to observe Philip’s death, since the first service in April 2021 was scaled back due to COVID-19 protocols.


Margaret Smist:

After the unfairly negative coverage of the Caribbean tour, I think the queen thought ‘to hell with them all – I want my son at the service and he WILL be.’ Good for her. I’m no Andrew fan but it is his father’s service of thanksgiving.


Good that the Queen was with his favorite son prince Andrew, the Queen and mother keep her family together, god save the Queen

An T:

Harry is saying his going to visit his grandmother later but I think it’s to late .. I think the Queen would’ve appreciated if he was there honoring
His grandfather


Catherine looked like Audrey Hepburn, what a classy, modest and respectful look for such an important occasion. She is a gem. Unlike the other one living in Montecito with her brat of a husband who would not even show up to his grandfather’s memorial. The whole security excuse is BS. One day #6 will regret it.

Elisa plurielsolutions:

There will be no regrets in the years to come. Harry was present at the funeral and that is the most important. Tributes, there will be others in the years to come. To drive him out of England and criticize him you had a front row seat and now you want him to be there for the ceremonies….Leave him alone.

Georgia Brown:

Why is William’s wife still being called “Kate Middleton”? She hasn’t been “Kate Middleton” for nearly 11 years. Disrespectful–same as it would be to any married woman who wishes to be know by her married name.

Pamela Griffiths:

Its said Charles offered Harry and family to stay with him, and would therefore be under Charles protection people. He still didn’t go. He will regret it.

Amanda Wilkinson Tarot:

The Real Royals look absolutely gorgeous at the Memorial. Prince Andrew is the son of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip and it showed class and humility that he attended for his mother. Hazbeen only showed up for Prince Philip’s funeral because he was looking for his inheritance, which will be the only reason he will show up for his grandmother’s funeral. Hopefully they dis-inherit him

Sandi Kohler:

Good riddance. If a grown man is going to act so immature for the last several years and be so concerned for “his family’s safety” that something could have been worked out, he should have gone alone. It was absolutely cruel that he wasn’t there for his grandmother. But ultimately he has shown that he cares nothing for his birthplace nor his family who he will most likely want to crawl back to after his current wife leaves him. Ridiculous. England (as well as his family) were better off without him showing up.


THIS is family unity, and it shows!! Westminster Abby was filled with forest green in remembrance of Prince Philip. I’m sure many hearts were touched. And, yes; Harry will regret it!


IMO I think a lot of people are glad that Andrew support his mother and after all this service is for his father, to me who ever making the noise and judging to the family affair is very cruel. I’m glad the whole family are there to support their mother and remembering their father. Yes these are royal family but people are forgotten that they are also human beings and this is not a happy occasion, I wish that they can have peace and leave them alone. I don’t understand why some people are attacking them, they’re doing their job and most of the charity are benifits to people in need including children. Let me clear that I’m not royalist and I don’t normally comment but this time it’s just get to me, my mum always said that if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything, I hope if we all can practice that then we will live in the peaceful world. Love from Australia 😘