Rihanna Goes Country! Noah Thompson Wins Over The Judges With “Stay” – American Idol 2022

Noah Thompson shocked the judges when he chose a Rihanna song for his Showstopper performance. He’s just as shocked when they deliver their final judgement.


Samaiyah Black:

I really love this guy. His voice, his personality…pure. All the best to him!


i would buy his record today. So much more appealing than even today’s male country artists.


Noah singing Rihanna? and it’s a win from the top. Love how he threw away some of the notes and really laid into the lyrics and played with the smooth vs gruff. This was a revelation! – So You Wanna Be A Singer

Jason Baker:

Well deserved. His mate who nominated him will be over the moon. This guys has it all and so humble. Very rare at for someone at his age. All the way to the top from here.

Willa Willow:

Noah is such a genuine, talented guy and I’m glad he caught a break with his Showstopper after a rough Hollywood week. He went around hugging a bunch of his fellow contestants after they told him he made it… It just shows how grateful he is to be there as well as humble. I hope he gains confidence in himself and wins this!!

Guilherme Steffen Berti Mateazzo:

That’s what i’m talking abooooout. No crazy vibratos, no shenanigans…just a simple presentation with an awesome voice and perfect song choice.


I really like him. Pure, genuine, soothing and consistent. I dont like performances that are over the top or over produced and personalities that are overbearing.

Jim Celia:

SONG CHOICE. This is why it is so important. Such a smart move and I think it sets him up well for the rest of the run.

John Houston:

He has already come a long way since his audition. Song choice so important and so far so good. He is a winner! His humility immediately makes him a favorite plus the voice is unique and with continual growth his future is boundless. One more time…”He is a Winner”!