Ronda Rousey Honored Her Mom With WWE Return Four Months After Giving Birth

Ronda Rousey recently welcomed her first daughter and made a surprise return to the WWE — just four months after giving birth. She explained that she found inspiration from her own mom, a Judo champion who got back on the mat six weeks after giving birth to Ronda’s sister.



From the bottom of my heart I say: I’m still proud of Ronda even though she didn’t get the belt when she beat Charlotte. To me, Ronda’s sportsmanship is far more valuable than Charlotte’s underhanded belt, that’s embarrassing. The whole world also knows that Charlotte has lost and gave up several times when her arm was broken by Ronda, the referee pretended to be idiot. My love for Ronda is not based on getting a belt but for her kind, beautiful, sporty, loyal friend and reliable personality. Once again, from the bottom of my heart I say: I’m still proud of Ronda! Keep it up my sis! 🙏

Taiocruzzza K a:

This woman is inspiring.
A lot of women should look up to her.

Lindokuhle Shandu:

Ronda sounds like she’s speaking Chinese when she pronounces her children’s names. She idolizes her mom and it’s beautiful to watch.

Andreas Lombardi:

Ronda Rousey is an inspiration, not only to women in combat sports but to women in general. ❤

Amethyst 208:

Ronda has great posture. Nice to see her back on the talk show circuit. She looks great!


She looks so happy and healthy……congrats on everything Ronda🤱👶🥊

Mazen Awwad:

Ronda Rousey is the best ever in the history of Women Wrestling in WWE 💪

Asmir Grozdanic:

Teacher” Class please say here once I call your name”.
Few hours later.
Teacher” Good afternoon Mrs rousey, your kids aren’t responding to us once we call them”.
Ronda “Arm bar”?

Christopher Fraser:

Easiest way to remember is with numbers as they come. I married 2 of 3, so I’m 2.5 both of my brother-in-laws are 1.5 (married to number 1) and my wife’s younger brother is #3, according to my father-in-law.

Natalie Zack:

Nobody becomes a millionaire or billionaire by working for others and depending on them, good Investment breed millions of dollars and consistency breed billions

Lord Jacob Stroman:

4 weeks vs. 4 months is a big difference, someone should check the title of the video