Sandwich Artist Scarlet Captivates Judges With Original Song ‘Bleeding’ – American Idol 2022

She won’t drop out of American Idol University this time! Returning contestant Scarlet is more determined than ever to show the judges and America all she’s got!


Summer LaVey:

Definitely top 10. Her voice is gunna be the new sound on the radio

Debbie Smitherman:

Omg what a wonderful performance she did ! I really love her song and she sounded amazing really amazing !

Persy Sweet:

Scarlet was INCREDIBLE! Loved her original song and her gorgeous tone. She is really special and unique. She has a radio friendly voice and her vocals are really commercial. She should go really far. I’m rooting for her too! I have so many favorites this season that I am rooting for many of them. Why can’t we have everyone in the finale?


She makes sandwiches NO more 😋! Beautiful song, voice, and performance! Good onya mate. Cheers from Western OZ 🇦🇺 .


I love it when a contestant auditions with an original song coz it helps them showcase who they are as an artist at the same time showcasing their song writing skills. She has a nice voice and her control is really good. She did a great job

Bruce Carey:

A star in the making.
And she doesnt look half bad either.!😆
She is going to slay all down the line.

Drives Pix:

I SO remember Scarlet from last year! I missed her! Rock Hollywood, so proud of you super Honors student! Shoot, I was wondering where she went.


her original song wasn’t for me, but she does have a lovely tone and her relationship with her grandma is so sweet.

Terri Bingham:

Her commercially appealing voice is destined for pop stardom IF she can pick songs written by veteran songwriters.

damien o flaherty:

Her family have really got her back, for making sure she’s got an education to carry with her whether so ever really needs it or not.