“Shallow” From Jay Copeland & Morgan Gruber – American Idol 2022

Will Jay and Morgan be able to dig DEEP and deliver that extra sauce the judges are hoping for?


John DeBenedetto:

Morgan is a wrecking ball. If she keeps singing like that there isn’t a single song she would absolutely destroy. She is amazing!

Jacob McCain:

Morgan! Is a vocal monster ugh! She has it all in her arsenal. Idk if I liked their voices together, but they sounded great separately!

Persy Sweet:

Both of them sounded awesome together! Morgan’s voice is so angelic and Jay’s voice is so powerful and emotional. I preferred Jay a little bit more because I felt more emotions and power from him but both of them deserved to move forward.

Norma Gordon:

Katie pays such great attention and notices everything! She is spot on! Loved both their voices and hope they take her advice tho… Wouldn’t want to be a judge on that panel because the talent is phenom and it’s hard to make those cuts!


beautiful selection, love his commitment in the opening and you can tell how deeply she feels the song. A few mumbled words but harmony and emotion on point. They really worked together.


When Jay first opened up his mouth to sing I was like, WoW. He was amazing on the high harmony.

Susan Day:

This young man is a real soul singer . Please bring back some Marvin Gaye and Harold Melvin . Your voice is to good for that silly pop song lolol. Glad you made it through . Keep up the good work .


2 of my favorites this season, this wasn’t perfect, but didn’t have to be to solidify these 2 as top 10 contestants. Doing duets is not easy at any level, especially when you have what was it 1 day? and one person doesn’t know the song. They did good enough to show individually they are still 2 of the best this season.

Danielle Setherley:

I hope those two along with Huntergirl and Kenedi and her partner make it far! And Christian Guardino. Those are some of my faves