Shawn Mendes on When He’ll DATE Again and How Camila Cabello Reacted to ‘When You’re Gone’

Shawn Mendes gets extremely personal in this new interview with ‘Extra’s’ Katie Krause, opening up about writing ‘When You’re Gone’ a month after he and Camila Cabello broke up. Mendes shares that he talked to Camila about the song before releasing it and later reveals if he’s ready to start dating again. Shawn explains their shared puppy, Tarzan, is currently with Camila in Miami but that he ‘misses him.’ Shawn talks about his next studio album and if we will finally get that Niall Horan collab. The singer also talks about hanging with the cast of ‘Euphoria’ at the Vanity Fair Oscar party. Shawn’s new song and the music video for the track are out now.


that one account:

i love how open he is about his feelings. that’s what makes him a good artist. being vulnerable and sharing that with the world is never easy.

Dirk Scholten:

What a great interview…so much wisdom from a young Canadian artist that can write, play and sing with the best…’I want to be full, satisfied and content with myself before I try and get that from somebody else.” Shawn Mendes


My respect for this man is just unbelievable .He is so humble , soft spoken and a great human being


I don’t know how people can hate on such a sweet and loving person, shawn mendes is the best😭♥️

Tia Michele:

I love how he’s so open about his anxiety. I’m a huge believer in making mental health a part of our everyday conversation. That is how I try to be in my life in hopes that if my friends or family are struggling with anxiety they can come to me because they know I know what they’re going through and I’ve been there too. Thank you Shawn for modelling this kind of vulnerability for us. Absolutely beautiful!! Also, love the new song!!!

A Shihab:

Loved this video, he’s being real and it’s awesome. Also love the interviewer, good vibe and questions! She did a great job! Wish more interviews were like this!!!

Nikki D:

I love his honesty and genuinity in thus interview. Most artists don’t mention the name of their ex or skate around issues but he was so real and maintained respect for her and himself in the answers given. Much love Shawn. Rooting for you both. The 2 new releases are 🔥

Sethini Disanga:

This is kinda emotional tbh.. Shawn will be okay and he has that strength! We love you Shawn! 😘❤️
-Mendes Army

Sirena Mendes:

I’d love to have a casual conversation with him, so many things could come up and lead to interesting things to talk about for a really long time. I hope I have a chance to do that in this lifetime

Karamoko Divaka:

He has a very beautiful and warmful voice. He loves camilla so profoundly, but she’s gone !
Shawn, you’re so young, so beau, so sexy after your relationship with camilla . Move on guy ,
sing dance ,your 2 last songs are magnifique, wonderful !