She’s Fierce! Nicolina Bozzo Covers “Everything I Wanted” By Billie Eilish – American Idol 2022

All Nicolina wants is to pour her HEART into her music! She’s been singing her way out of negative emotions ever since her parents’ divorce, and now she’s here in Hollywood to show her sisters that dreams really can come true.


Josh Whitfield:

She broke Spirits with this one. She’s a complete powerhouse. She basically took this song and made it her own considering she sounds 100 x’s better than the original.


This girl is a pro singing against amateurs. Yes, there are many very talented singers, but, Nicolina HAS IT! Absolutely amazing! She wins this season of Idol!

David Bryant:

she’s already won this for me. This season is over flowing with great female talent but man when she sang that Sara B song and now this.

Sulli Max:

This girl’s voice punches straight through your chest and wraps her vocals around your heart. She’s an impeccable singer but its her command of the delivery that is so extraordinary.


She delivers poignancy and depth, an edge she has over her competitors. She knows how to emote, and her voice just draws you in from the first note.


Look at the audience’s faces! She knows how to capture an audience. Everyone was speechless. That’s how you do it! She’s very special

Terminally Blonde:

W(•O•)W !!! That was UNBELIEVABLE!! I loved that song when Billie sang it in her soft and sultry lullaby voice, but this version of it completely TRANSCENDED this song into becoming so much more than I ever thought it could be. Far better than the original, WELL DONE GIRL! 😁

B Le:

The way her emotions were pouring out of her was incredible. She really connected with the lyrics and then she walks off stage like it was nothing. Easily a top contender. I’m rooting for her.


Nicolina just has an amazing voice. She’s gonna be a force to be reckoned with. Her tone is so beautiful, but the emotions she poured into the song was deeply felt by all.

Fernando Javier Castillo:

Wow, wow, wow, wow – that girl is taking people to places, emotions and times. It is insane the amount of passion she puts into singing.